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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your Body believes what you say

Your Body believes what you say. Whatever you think of yourself, however you perceive yourself in terms of your health, strength, endurance or beauty -- becomes the reality for your Body. The ancient cultures knew that, and created a whole system of symbols to affect, inspire, and create the reality for themselves (usually via the pineal gland). Yes, you can help your wellbeing, you can shape your Body with your thoughts and you can help your health:  In an article in the "Smithsonian" titled "A Molecular Code Links Emotions, Mind and Health", Stephen S. Hall wrote, "The classic view of the body as three separate systems is challenged as research points the way to the new medicine of the 21st century ... Some biologists believe we need to rethink some long-cherished principles, beginning with medicine's traditional separation of the central nervous system (the seed of thought, memory and emotion) from the endocrine system (which secrets powerful hormones) and the immune system (which defends the body from microbial invasions.)" Think of your Body kindly, and it will respond with love J We wish you a wonderful day, filled with joy and many kind thoughts J 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today we are celebrating our bodies

The closest to our heart, the dearest thing in our lives is… our body J  No, not even the fulfillment of our dreams, success, wealth, or emotional health. Those of you who have already achieved success (and are wealthy) - know well what I mean. Notice that everyone who is already doing well in life starts automatically to take care of their health, fitness and physical well-being. We will talk later about the other desirable by many "ingredients of life" – that is, how to succeed, what is success, and how to have the life you dream of. Today we are celebrating our bodies J

Our body is no accident or necessity. It is a privilege that we give ourselves. However often, we forget about this. We forget that each of us is unique, one in billions. That's why we don’t remember the simple truth: EVERY BODY, regardless of its shape, weight, color or age -- is beautiful, in its own unique way.

Yes, all of us have a preference for what we like the most. However, please keep in mind, they are ONLY preferences. Every body is beautiful. Our preferences are simply associated with current trend, or the way we have been programmed by our environment.

Preferences, just as trends, often change. Nowadays, current trends are often dictated by the fact that many corporations try to sell their products (pills for weight loss, cosmetic surgery, diets, programs etc.) The media and the fashion magazines reinforce such trends, imprinting them into our consciousness. Unfortunately, a lot of people (especially women) buy such artificially induced fashions as truth about our bodies, lose their self-esteem, believing that something is wrong with them. Many teenagers try to look as those promoted super models, ruining their health, developing serious illnesses -- trying to change the shape of their natural, innate body.

Not everyone is naturally slim. But many try to lose weight due to the artificially induced trends – fashions that go against the natural, healthy look of a human body. Every natural body is unique, and beautiful. Why force, our bodies to become something else -- often at the cost of our physical and emotional health?

If we take a look at other animals in nature (we humans are animals as well) – we realize that they perceive ALL bodies as equally precious. Imagine the reaction of a bulldog -- if you told him, he was too fat. Or a greyhound’s response, if you told him he’s too skinny. Picture a chiwawa dog hearing he’s too short, or a great dane, considering he might be too tall. They would probably roar from laughter for a week straight!

All weight gain due to cycles in our life, such as hormonal changes, aging process etc. – are absolutely normal. Natural. Our bodies often become rounder because of their nature. There is nothing to correct, all is the way, it is supposed to be.

On the other hand, if we become overweight or overly skinny because of our negligence toward our bodies, their natural health – that of course needs too be addressed, since our bodies in such case become unhealthy, out of their natural balance.

It is important to treat our body, as our best friend: offer it gifts, such as vitamins, natural supplements, healthy, beneficial for it well-being food, beautiful in our eye clothes, or jewelry – anything that makes it happy. When we treat our body in such caring, loving way, it will gain only as much weight as it is natural for it, it will age in a graceful, natural for it way. However if we treat it as our “not so likeable neighbor” – feeding it with stress, lack of sleep, food that damages its organs – oh, well… what can we expect?

Let’s love our beautiful, unique bodies. It’s worth it. They will repay us with feeling of joy of life. Our bodies love life, and would love us to love life. They are even happier, when we are happy.

And, if we become ill – hey, that’s not a reason for stopping loving our bodies, and denying ourselves the joy of life. Just as we love our dearest friends, no matter how they look like, or how they feel – we need to remember to love our bodies. Healthy or ill – let’s not renounce them, love them.

EVERY BODY is beautiful. Skinny, round, tall, short, young, old – sick or healthy. It is important to remember that J

I wish you all a beautiful day. Enjoy it -- in your very beautiful body! J J

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happiness from within

Happiness from within comes easily to those, who are capable of accepting life as it is, no matter what the circumstances. Life is precious. Life is beautiful. All that happens to us is a unique story. One in billions. It is important to remember that -- no matter what.

The acceptance from the inside needs to come first: despite the circumstances, the state of our finances, physical health or anything that seems to stand in the way of one's satisfaction with life, or themselves.

We are all unique and beautiful. We are here to experience ourselves and share our experience. Each experience is equally important. Each experience is invaluable. We are all in it, together.

Learning happiness -- equals learning how to trust, deep in the heart, that all is well -- just the way it is. Just as it is today, tomorrow, and every day.  What we live through is simply an experience. An experience, that helps us grow. And when we grow, we learn the value of that experience. Once we value each experience – we know happiness. I wish you all a very happy day J J

Even when we are feeling down, we can remain happy.

Our emotions can be compared to the clouds in the sky. They can flow, coalesce, or quietly pass by. We can identify with the clouds, being dependent on their status. Or - we can identify with the sky, which remains calm, not matter what kind of clouds (emotions) are passing through it. That means that we can sometimes be in an emotional hole, and still not suffer from it.

Even when we are feeling down, we can remain happy. Happiness is not the thrill we experience, fun, or pleasure. Happiness is a state in which we are always comfortable in our own skin, enjoying life.  Regardless of any circumstances. Depression is just the lack of energy, tiredness, and perhaps lack of hope (for instance losing faith that we can get/achieving something we desire, or that we can be accepted by someone we love or respect).

However, there is a condition that determines whether we are ready to begin on our path to happiness: we need to distance ourselves from any opinions about us, take off, without any exceptions, all the “labels” given us by others, and ourselves.

When we were small children -- we were happy.  Until we learned from the environment that happiness must be conditional. We started to pay attention to such remarks as, for example, "if you behave yourself, I will like you" (meaning: “if you’ll be the way I want you to be, you’ll be accepted). We learned that we need to fulfill many requirements, just to feel good in our own skin. And so, a lot of different "labels" began to define our worth (or lack of it, in others’, and our opinion). We started to fully identify with those “labels”, for example: "pretty (I'm pretty), polite (I'm a good boy), talented (I'm talented) ...." etc. Or: "ugly, average, lazy, loser ... " etc. Each of us “earned” a lot of such “labels”, and we continue to believe that our happiness depends on them: “when I’ll be famous / rich / loved / smart / admired, etc., I’ll be really happy”.  

Covered by all those labels, we don’t even see anymore WHO really is behind them.

Small children, before they get programmed with "labels”, often talk of themselves in  third person: "Lucy is tired (not -- " I'm tired "). Rob is hungry (not -- "I'm hungry"). Barry has dirty hands. Sophie wants to sleep "... etc. Interesting, isn’t?
If we “remained as children” (before they get “programmed”), which are the natural sages and mystics, we probably, just like them, could think of ourselves in such manner – distancing ourselves from any “labels” and emotions. We then might think:   
"Lucy is laughing. Rob gets mad. Sophie is sad. " Or: “Lucy is experiencing pleasure. Rob is experiencing anger. Sophie is experiencing sadness, depression, etc."

In order to reach the state of happiness and joy, independent of any external circumstances, we don’t need to do any hard work. J  It is enough to take off the “labels”. Old and new. They make us live, as if we had our eyes and ears covered with a hood. We are bouncing off of people, objects, events – as if blind and deaf, reacting only to stimuli, temperature, shock. When we take off the hood made of the “labels”, we might finally see clearly the world, and ourselves. It’s worth it to try. J We wish all of us a bright, clear day! ☺☺

Monday, August 26, 2013

Joy of living is the easiest road to success

Scientific research shows that people who are able to enjoy life on daily basis – without having any special expectations as to how it should look like – easily achieve success in their personal lives and careers.

On the other hand those who think they can find happiness through their achievements, quickly find out that they can never be really happier, despite any achievements, any success. Joy of life – is the true key to success. Joy of living is the life’s purpose, and the most sought after reward. All of us are born naturally curious of life, and inherently joyful. Many of us however often lose our joy because of various conditions: personal experiences, social/economic predicaments, or imposed religious beliefs that deny humans joy of life (some belief systems recommend denying our own joyous nature, and implementing fear, or even suffering, instead).

There is a simple way to reprogram our way of thinking, allowing us to return to our innate natural joy of life:

-- every day find three small things for which you can be grateful ( thank for them the world, yourself, others, God, Universe - whomever you wish, depending on what’s your belief). You might be grateful, for instance, for a child's smile, a sunny day, good breakfast etc. However, every day you need to thank for something new! J  
-- start a notebook, in which you will record on daily basis these three things: "I am today rejoicing ..." (specify what, and why).
-- every day take a 5 minute break from your work/routine – to either joyfully dance, run, jump – or anything that will make you out of breath. J Such a brief, joyful physical movement raises the levels of serotonin in the brain (a chemical responsible for good feeling), helping us to deal with worries, depression etc. However, for that purpose – do not exceed the 5 required minutes of joyful movement. Any strenuous exercise will exhaust you instead of giving you joy.
-- each day take 20 minutes to relax: the best way is to either go to the garden, park, be in the nature, with your eyes closed -- or at home, with headphones on -- listening with your eyes closed to some recordings of ocean waves, a murmuring stream etc. While you are listening to the sounds of nature (with your eyes closed) – your brain switches to alpha waves. In such state, your brain can be easily programmed for another way of thinking – joyous, appreciative of life.
-- for six weeks, refrain from watching / listening / reading news about tragedies, natural disasters, wars, crime scene, etc.

After 6 weeks of using this method, your brain switches to another, joyful approach to life. And after six months, if you manage to persist with this method – joyous living becomes your lifestyle. We wish you a wonderfully joyous day! J J