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Monday, December 17, 2012

December 21st, 2012: The End of the World or The End of Illusions?

Everyone has their own opinion about December 21st, 2012, whether private or public. Some of us fear the end of the world, others are waiting with joy for this day because they believe that it will change our planet through a sudden shift in the consciousness of the human race. Still others argue that this change will occur only in the consciousness of people who are “chosen”, “special” or such who are “ready” to go to another realm of higher vibrations. There are also those who don’t see anything different or special about December 21st. Except that it is the winter solstice.

These dilemmas, both fears and hopes, are due to the widespread news that the Mayan Calendar ends, and that the date marks the end of the previous era of existence for humanity. In this connection, some interpret this as End of the World, and others as the Awakening of The Human Race.

Why has the Mayan Calendar become such an authority on the fate of mankind?

For thousands of years, many ancient cultures have been viewing the world through the prism of astronomy, mathematics, biology, psychology, physics and cosmology. However, all of these areas were part of a unity, since science in ancient times was not divided into separate fields. It used to be one area, called philosophy, which saw man, God/Goddess/Gods, the universe and the laws prevailing in it as creating one single phenomenon – life and its experience. God/Goddess/Gods and mathematics, cosmology and psychology, biology and spiritual development, man and physics - all of this was regarded as united, and affecting one another. Only for about the last two thousand years has science been divided into separate areas, such as mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, astronomy, etc., due to new religious trends taking over the Western world.

Not only the Mayans, but also the ancient Egyptians, Druids, Sumerians, and even the early Christians viewed Gods, the world and themselves, according to the philosophy of unity with the universe, and everything else. Astronomy, for instance, was in ancient times somewhat similar to today’s astrology, because of not only mathematically determining the movements of the planets but also their influence on the world and humans. As a coherent science - philosophy - played a vital role in people’s lives. Ancient calendars were designed to help people in their subsequent development cycles, and provide them with important dates in regards to difficulties or opportunities worth paying attention to.

The Mayan calendar is just one example of such ancient calculations. It should be noted that the ancient Mayan Calendar is actually composed of several calendars, each referring to a different area, for instance predictions, long cycles, short cycles etc. In addition, we need to remember that there are at least 17 Mayan tribes, and that each of those tribes had its own calendar, or rather calendars.

Also, not many of us are aware that the specific Mayan Calendar being referred to as the Mayan Calendar predicting December 21st, 2012 as the end of an era – has actually already ended… in 1994! Because the year 2012 in the Mayan Calendar is the year 1994 in the Gregorian Calendar commonly used in the West. Mayans calculate the dates differently, so the beginning of the Gregorian Calendar is not the beginning of the Mayan Calendar at all.

Those who talk about the end of the world, not for the first time (remember 2000?), are not only wrong about the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar, but also misinterpret its meaning. Just ask the Mayans themselves. One of my friends, a Mayan Shaman named Fernando Hernandez, last summer shared with me the news that 17 Mayan tribes were preparing a petition in which they had stated that their cosmology has nothing to do with the commonly spread paranoia of the end of the human race. There is no prediction of the end of the world in any of the Mayan Calendars. Their cosmology, philosophy, beliefs and teachings are far from prophesying the doomsday of our planet.

Unfortunately, there are people who use a variety of excuses to give rise to fear of a disaster, either for political or financial reasons. In last year there have been plenty of books and courses announcing “how to prepare for the End of the World” or “how to survive the doomsday” etc. Of course the authors of such claim to be “experts in Mayan culture”. Well, the true Mayan culture experts, however, are probably only the Mayans themselves, and especially the Mayan Shamans, who have a much more profound knowledge of their history, traditions, and “secrets” of their cosmology than the loud screaming homegrown “experts” who have no access to the real ancient sources.

As for the belief that December 21st, 2012, is to be the Awakening of Humanity: this is based on the fact that indeed there will be a specific arrangement of the planets. Some of them have already moved, earlier this year, or started to move, to their new places. Such arrangement of planets is supposed to be a rare event, taking place only once in many thousands of years. And on December 21st such a planetary arrangement is supposed to have its moment. THAT’S ALL.

It is also true that the planets’ energy (or magnetism) affects living organisms. Just look at the moon, as its great force is moving the ocean’s waters, causing daily, monthly and seasonal tides. The Moon affects the waters, including the organisms filled with water, such as ours. Just like the Moon, other planets have their various energy/magnetic effects on people, animals and all nature.

Such knowledge has been used not only in meteorology, but also, for example, in astrology. Unfortunately, nowadays astrology is not what it used to be in ancient times: it used to be a real science. Today, however, it is mostly used for the purpose of entertainment, or purely for financial gain. It is not easy to find a truly good astrologer, since many are simply not well educated, as the true science of astrology has been mostly forgotten. It is said in America that millionaires do not use astrologers, but billionaires do! We are talking here, of course, about the handful of genuine astrologers, not those who write the newspaper horoscopes for entertainment purposes, or those who charge their clients for vague and nonsensical readings.

Taking into account the impact of planets not only on our bodies, but also emotions, thoughts and events we create in our lives – indeed 21st of December, 2012, will be a very auspicious date.

A great planetary alignment, and good energy on that solstice day. That's all.

There will be no sudden Awakening of Humanity. There will be no abrupt shift to the next level of awareness for the “chosen”, “special” or “ready” ones, as some of the New Age sources keep repeating, and hoping for. Some of the New Age trends, and also some of the of the various religious beliefs, keep perpetuating such words as “love”, “peace”, “unity”, etc. However, those ideals have become just abstract, empty phrases, dissociated from real human experience. Furthermore, such an abstract take on those ideals, sooner or later turns into an inability to create one’s own fate, to face and live one’s life, to properly mature and integrate as a human being. Unlike psychology for instance, which empowers people to progress emotionally and spiritually, such an abstract understanding of one’s own nature and the laws of the material world leads to neglecting one’s power to mature, integrate and fully experience life. Labeling oneself “spiritual”, nowadays often means escapism, immaturity or dwelling in illusion, instead of living one’s own life. Of course there are exceptions to that, well known great teachers, and many quiet “everyday masters”…

The truth is that we are all unique, and equally important and indispensable to the development of all of us. As the consciousness that we are, we manifest ourselves in the material world, to progress and learn through our experience. And, on the level where we are the consciousness that we are, we all share our various experiences, and learn form one another.

No one is better, or more important than anyone else.

Therefore, December the 21st, 2012 will be for ALL OF US simply auspicious, and full of beneficial energy/magnetism. THAT’S ALL.

In addition, the solstice day will mark the beginning of the holiday season. No matter how we choose to celebrate the season, no matter what our background, beliefs, race or nationality, it is good to get together with our family and friends, and cherish one another. One year is about to end, together with a particular cycle in our life, while a new cycle begins. And it’s a great opportunity to reflect on what was, while welcoming, planning and preparing for what’s next. Have a fantastic, joyful Holiday!

* First published (in Polish language) on Iwona Majewska-Opielka blog:

Friday, December 7, 2012

9 Pennies Can Change Everything

We live our lives through our experiences. We perceive ourselves through them, we estimate our potential through them and, knowingly or not, we define our fate through them. Yes, contrary to many beliefs, our destiny is not a fixed thing.

We don’t need to be stuck in a stream of circumstances and perpetuate what’s no longer satisfying. It doesn’t take hard work or struggle to change what we want.

A short story of 2 brothers and 9 pennies says it all:

2 brothers were born to a wealthy family, in a prosperous and peaceful small country. The older brother was to inherit everything -- the title, the land, the fortune. The younger brother was to remain dependent on the older brother’s good will. All citizens in their country enjoyed their good fortune, and nobody had much to worry about. For centuries, they cultivated their traditions, repeating what has been proven to be beneficial for them. Nothing had ever been changed, as there was no need for “fixing what worked”.
            When the 2 brothers reached their maturity, the older brother was taking care of the estate, while the younger one was left to himself. For a few years he explored the land and its people. Soon it became clear to him that although everyone around him lived without worries, all were stuck in a stagnant life that began to “stale”. They had isolated themselves from everything new and fresh. And without progress, things begin to regress.
The younger brother decided to change his fate and seek a better life.
            He learned that it was impossible to leave the country other than by a plane. Luckily for him, his brother owned one.

The small plane didn’t need a long runway, but just as it was about to take off, he suddenly felt that something was weighing it down. He looked back and saw that it was his older brother trying to stop him from leaving by holding on to the plane’s tail.
“Let go of me!” shouted the younger brother, but the older one didn’t want to do that. He was convinced that it was a big mistake to leave the comfort and safety of their homeland.
The brothers struggled and wrestled with the plane for a while, before the younger one stopped the engine. He got off the plane and started to walk away.
“Where do you think you’re going?!” he heard his older brother shout after him. “You have nothing! How are you going to survive?”
He only shrugged his shoulders and continued on his way. He wasn’t sure where he was going, yet he knew in his heart, that he was doing the right thing.

Soon he reached a large patch of greenery, beside a small river. Without hesitation he entered the bushes. To his surprise he found a path. He followed it for a long time, without being able to tell what was in front of him. Finally the path led him to a steep hill. It seemed impossible to climb it. Although exhausted, he didn’t give up, and climbed the hill.
There was a bridge on its top, spreading across the river. The younger brother looked down from the bridge, and saw everything that he had left behind.
As he was contemplating his past, he felt rising joy.
“I am free”, he whispered. “So this is how it feels”.
He reached into his pocket, and found in it just a few coins. He counted them.
“9 pennies”, he said with a smile, “that’s all I have.”
Two strangers were passing by, and overheard his statement.
“9 pennies”, repeated one of them, commenting to the other. “That’s plenty to change everything”.
The younger brother quickly turned his head and greeted the strangers. He asked them how much money he needed to find a place to stay for the night.
            “We don’t use money in our land,” added the other stranger with a smile. “We’ve changed things here a long time ago.”
            “But we still use pennies as tokens when we play our favorite game, called ‘penny for your thoughts’.  You know, 9 pennies can change everything, if you ‘buy’ the right thoughts with them.”
            The younger brother nodded his head. With this small gesture he acknowledged his achievements and paid respect to the wise strangers. They welcomed him in their land, and generously invited him to stay at their home, until he found his own place.

And that’s how the younger brother found a better life in the country where everyone had everything they wanted, just because they knew the power of thoughts.

The 9 pennies in our story symbolize the 9 steps needed to be taken to change things.

You can try this simple game below, applying it to a particular situation or obstacle in your life. Having fun is the only rule. The more fun you’ll have with the process, the more effective you will be.

“Penny for Your Thoughts” 
(A Game to win a Better Life)

Description: In this game, you are the only player, and winner. You are playing against yourself. You cannot lose at this game: no matter what the outcome, you benefit and win, either by achieving your goal or by getting the necessary experience needed for the next round.

Rules: Have Fun! The less you worry about the outcome, the more effective you are!

Preparation: Find a nice and safe place in your home, or at work/school, where you can put either a nice box or container in which you will be collecting your 9 pennies. We will call your nice box/container “Better Life Account” (BLA), and we will call the coins you collect in it “Investment Pennies” (IPs).

Your IPs will add up, at the end of each round, and give you the power to get anything you want: a better job, happy relationship, or fulfillment of your dream.

NOTE: The IPs can get you only ONE thing at a time. If you have more things that you’d like to achieve, you will need to start a separate round for each goal.

In each step, you will put (1) Investment Penny in your Better Life Account, and it will buy you the right thoughts needed for completion of each step.
Step 1:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

You have now acquired thoughts allowing you to “get out of the box”.

To complete Step 1, you need to be able to define clearly what limits you: is it your environment? The way you were brought up? The way others influence what you think, or do? You need to question your own motives, as well as clearly understand why and how others contribute to your situation through their opinions or actions.

Time Limit: None

However, if you take longer than 6 weeks, it means that you are not ready to play this game. In such a case take a break, do what’s more important for you at this time, and return to the game when you are ready.

Reference: The younger brother found his limitations, despite the illusory comfort he had in his life. He recognized the stagnation, and lack of freedom.


Step 2:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

Have a look at what you have been doing thus far to change your situation. You most likely achieved little on none of what you wanted. Or, after getting what you wanted, things went back to what they used to be.

Now you can see that the same actions will never bring you different results. Same action equals same outcome, no matter how many times it is repeated.

Do not regret the time and energy you spent struggling and repeating pointless actions in the past! If you hadn’t done that, how would you know that it didn’t work?

Time Limit: 2 days

You need to assess the situation without second guessing. If you start doubting yourself, you will go back to your old pattern.

Reference: The younger brother kept trying to take off in the plane, although it didn’t work. As obvious as it was, he didn’t realize for quite a while that the load was too heavy, since his older brother was weighing him down. He kept struggling, until he realized that he could not fly the plane like that.


Step 3:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

Now you understand how important it is to let go of your “load”: the old luggage that weighs you down can manifest itself through your attachment to control. We all tend to believe we know what’s best for us. Either because of the way we were brought up, patterned by opinions and rules of our family or society, or simply because we fear that if we don’t control everything, it will not be good for us.

To complete the third step, you need to open up to the unknown, and be ready for the adventure.

Time Limit: between 1 day and to 2 weeks

If you procrastinate with this step beyond 2 weeks, you might not be able to continue this game. You will be stuck at Step 3, and soon the inability to complete it will end in frustration.

NOTICE: Remember that you can’t lose at this game. If you get stuck at Step 3, and are not able to continue, you still gain experience! Nothing or no one can stop you from starting the game all over again, from Step 1, knowing how to play it better this time.

Reference: The younger brother walked away from his comfort zone. He left behind the plane, and his brother, although it was the hardest thing to do. His reason was telling him that he would not survive out there, alone. Yet he chose to be open to new possibilities, and started his new adventure, although he could not control the way things could evolve.


Step 4:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

You have now acquired powerful thoughts of trusting your process and remaining loyal to your heart.

Time Limit:  None

Since you’ve gotten to this point, there is no doubt that you can stay on the road to a Better Life. No matter how long it takes, you will be walking ahead, until you get to the next step.

Reference: The younger brother continued walking ahead, although there was nothing yet in sight. Determined, he kept going on until the circumstances changed and he got to the patch of greenery beside the river.


Step 5:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

Now you will be able to recognize an opportunity as it presents itself to you. Often, on our road, a sudden unexpected event or a new situation occurs. It is important to recognize such a moment, and trust our intuition, instead of reasoning and making mental assumptions. If we feel it may lead us to our goal, it probably will.

If we try to assess things mentally at this point, we will end up in a vicious circle of controlling and failing again.  Only our heart knows what we need. Our mind has been patterned by our past and so it can make mistakes. Following one’s heart, through intuitive action has no place for logic, or mind control. Your fifth IP gets you the power to know the difference.

Time Limit: Do it instantly!

Timing is important here. When opportunity arises, you need to act immediately.

Reference: The younger brother stepped into the greenery without hesitation. He couldn’t know what he would find there. Yet he decided to listen to his intuition, and took the risk. He was rewarded for his dedication to his heart, and he found a hidden path inside the bushes.


Step 6:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

You are gaining powerful thoughts of faith. Once you have followed your heart, and listened to your intuition, have faith! The new path you stepped on, after you went through the door that had opened in front of you, will lead you closer to your goal. Yes, you might sometimes end up detouring, and taking longer than you anticipated. However, later on you will realize that there was a benefit in that.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. The journey might be more important for you than achieving the goal.

Time Limit:  None

Your journey will take as long as needed.

Reference: The younger brother followed the path in the bushes, although he couldn’t see where it was leading. He had faith, never gave up, and so the path took him to the hill, which was the next milestone on his journey.

You too will get to the next step. Trust and have patience.


Step 7:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

In this step you learn empowering thoughts that give you extra strength -- physical, mental or emotional -- when you need it in crucial situations. There will be moments, at any point of your journey, when you will be required to make an extra effort, despite your exhaustion.

It is important to remember that no matter what, we are capable of doing what’s needed. We have the strength. With no exceptions, all of us can perform under stress, and be at our best, at any point. We are the heroes.

Time Limit: None

Some tasks take longer than others. You can definitely do it, no matter how long it takes!

Reference: The younger brother climbed up the steep hill although he was very tired. He didn’t give up, found his strength, and got closer to his goal.


Step 8:

Put (1) IP in your BLA.

There will be a point in your journey, when you will take a good look at what you have achieved, and what’s behind you. In this step you learn to have perspective, and distance yourself from your past, and your efforts.

It is very important to concentrate at what’s at hand, and live in the present, instead of celebrating the victory before reaching your goal. Stay alert and pay attention to the present. Remember, the game is not over, until it is over!

Time Limit: None

NOTE: It might be several moments when you will be looking back, or assessing your present situation.

Reference: The younger brother didn’t dwell in what he had achieved while looking back at what he had left behind. He kept a distance from his past, and stayed alert. That’s why he didn’t miss the strangers passing by. Had he let himself indulge in his achievements, forgetting to pay attention to the here and now, he would have missed the friendly men, and the opportunity to be accepted in their land.


Step 9:

Put (1) IP in your BLA .

The last step will help you to recognize and accept your victory. It is important that our thoughts give us permission to succeed.

There are many examples of new fortunes that crumbled over night, relapses of dreadful illnesses, or self-distraction while having fame, careers or relationships that started very promising. Our own thoughts may easily sabotage everything that we achieve. Why is that? It takes some time for our brain to create new neuropaths which are associated with our emotions about the new situation. And, it takes approximately six weeks to develop new thoughts and new habits. That’s why even when we succeed, we continue repeating the same old patterns all over again.

Remember: our thoughts create our reality, determining what we feel, and what we do. By perpetuating the same thoughts, we create similar events.  We need six weeks of repeating new thoughts, in present time, to get used to the new situation.

Time Frame: 6 weeks

This step cannot be sped up. Skipping this step might result in losing what you have achieved.

Reference: Any self-help books or courses that teach how to use daily affirmations. Or simply repeat the following on a daily basis, as many times as needed:

“I have achieved my goal. I am successful, fulfilled and happy. It is my birthright to be that way. I’ve always deserved the best, and now I have it.”

You have arrived! You got what you wanted! Get used to it, because it’s yours.

Congratulations, and good luck!


Now you can keep the coins you put in your Better Life Account to always remind you that IT TAKES ONLY 9 PENNIES TO CHANGE EVERYTHING.

At the end of Step 9, after 6 weeks, you might be ready for another round of the game. Keep winning, and never forget to HAVE FUN!

To learn more about fun and easy ways of improving your life stay tuned for Johanna Kern’s upcoming book The Keeper & The Chamber of 7 Powers.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Gift of Happiness

The state of happiness, like everything we experience, is a choice. It also, like everything else, requires our attention in order to be initiated and then maintained. Please note, that we are not talking here about your emotional response to the external circumstances. The joy, sadness, anger or frustration you usually feel while reacting to people or situations – speak only of the state of your perception.  Depending on your perception, you react and experience your life, yourself and the world around you in a particular way.

Let’s concentrate on another layer of your experience, which may or may not be affected by your perception, or the level of your consciousness. And, we will call it the “state of being”.

You have probably noticed that there are people in the world whose happy state of being defies any logic, any reasoning we’ve been used to. Those people remain happy no matter what the circumstances. Some of them are poor, uneducated, even illiterate. Some of them lead regular lives, have regular jobs, go through similar difficulties, deal with similar problems as the rest of our society. Some are richer, perhaps famous, some are truly well off. Some of them may be starving as we speak, somewhere in the depths of Africa. No matter what their backgrounds, and no matter what their circumstances, those people have one thing in common: happiness. It seems to be their natural state of being. We often think of such people as the lucky ones. We tend to say that they are “just born that way”.

Here is good news for you: you too were born that way. Everyone of us has been born that way. Every single human being is born equipped with natural acceptance, curiosity and joy of living. The state of happiness is our natural birthright.

What happens then that changes all of that? Why can some of us maintain the natural happiness, while others cannot?

The first thing that probably comes to your mind right now is to find the answer in the actual life experience those people are going through. You would automatically think that they either haven’t experienced enough hardship in their lives or that, for whatever reason, the hardship they experienced was not big enough to truly affect their state of being.

However, many of those people have lived through tragedies, life and death situations, oppression, abuse, anything you can imagine. Yet, nothing they have experienced left a truly significant mark on their state of being. They always have been, and always will be, happy people. And, it's not because they are not sensitive enough, or they don’t care enough, or they are dissociated from their life experience. They are happy because, knowingly or not, they found the simple truth about human conditioning. We feel in a particular way, because we've conditioned ourselves that way.

There is an interesting characteristic to the human brain. It easily gets used to particular types of chemicals being released while we are experiencing certain types of emotions. The brain then gets hooked on those chemicals, and wants to feed on them, again and again. You might think of your brain as being addicted to those chemicals because they help it to re-create the same feelings all over. And so, the brain creates neuro-paths for the chemicals it is used to. Always hungry for more, the brain wants you to create circumstances in your life in which you will produce more of the same chemicals. Your addictive brain does not care whether you are happy with those circumstances or not, it just wants to get its feed.

The good news is, that when you stop experiencing certain type of emotions, there is no further need for the related chemicals, and so the neuro-paths wither away. The brain will create new paths, to accommodate new chemicals, since whatever state you keep repeating, becomes the new habit for your brain. You can literary train your brain to feed on any chemical you want. And so, you can train your brain to be addicted to joy, happiness, sadness, anger, bitterness, misery – anything of your choice.
All you need to do is to focus your thoughts on images, memories, ideas that make you feel in a particular way, and then keep repeating the procedure for about six weeks. It will give enough time for your brain to get rid of the old neuro-paths and create new ones. You can, indeed, fake the emotions for your brain to get used to them, in order to feel them later for real.

The first step on your road to happiness is to get clear about your old wounds and painful memories. You have been used to perpetuating your thoughts around them. You have defined yourself and created your state of being based on those old memories. While your life goes forward, you have been stuck in the past. Remember, the past is only an idea in your Mind. It does not exist anywhere else. It is time to admit that and realize that you have been carrying old and heavy luggage filled with stuff that you don’t need anymore. You need to get rid of that luggage, leave behind the junk that is cluttering your space. Only then will you be able to free yourself from the old conditioning.

To learn more about the easy method of reprogramming please stay tuned for Johanna Kern’s upcoming book “The Keeper & The Chamber of 7 Powers”.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Te excerpt below, is definitely the closest way of understanding what is the soul (our essence) to what I have actually learned during my trance-experiences and described in "Master and The Green-Eyed Hope". Of course this is not the same thing, and yet I too have learned that there are many "layers"(parts)  to what we are and, yes, one of the parts is a soul that is, by all means, mortal (Ancient Egyptians call it the mortal soul). And there is also a part of us that we may, indeed, see as possibly the immortal soul (as the Ancient Egyptians named it). I call it "consciousness" and it may keep existing, perhaps even eternally, as long as it keeps experiencing itself and constantly progressing. Also, what they called Immortal Spiritual being, I see as the Highest Vibration with which we are all connected. The view of the ancient Egyptians is therefore very interesting to me! Here is the excerpt:

Ancient Egyptian Components of the Soul:
It is important to understand the Ancient Egyptian way of looking at the components of the soul. We generally perceive ourselves as holistically as body, soul and spirit. In Ancient Egyptian system, the soul is seen as hierarchy of several levels of being.

These were regarded as "entities" which together formed our whole being:
Akh (or Akhu ): Immortal Spiritual being
Sahu: Immortal Spiritual body
Sekhem: Immortal Spiritual Life Force
Ren: Secret name / Energy Formula
Ab ( or Ib ): Heart / Inner Essence
Ba: Immortal Soul
Ka: Mortal Soul
Khabit: Vitality / Shadow
Khat (or Kha ): The Physical Body

Excerpt from "Back to Future for Humankind" by Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you up for a life-changing fun and fantastic adventure?

Johanna Kern is working on her next book! A sequel to "Master and The Green-Eyed Hope" will be a treat for those who would like to undergo similar experiences as the author... that hasn't been done before -- and yet it seems to be possible! Johanna has developed a method which will allow the readers to have fun while experiencing the knowledge on another level, similar to what she has experienced during her trances. "I want you to be in a certain brain wave, a state that will help you to perceive and, hopefully, apply the knowledge in your life." After trying out her method on Patrick, and then other various volunteers -- she is now confident that it can be useful to everyone: no matter what background, beliefs, or previous experience and knowledge. More news coming soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE ART of LOVING & the 7th Power

Do we choose to love? Or is Love a “predicament”, a “situation”, a “mental or emotional disruption” that happens to us?

There are as many views and theories of what Love is about as there are people who have given a thought to that intriguing and exciting subject.

Is Love a feeling, an emotion, or a state of mind? Is it the best thing that can ever happen to us, or a disaster which can ruin our life?

Such and similar questions have been perpetuated by numerous writers, poets, performers, other artists, psychologists, philosophers and those who have ever been, or have hoped to be, in Love.

We are all Lovers by nature. And that’s because, whether we are aware of it or not, we always have loved (one way or another) and we are filled with Love.

When we are talking about Love, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the romantic Love, the one that fills us with passion, changes our heartbeat, and makes us devoted to the “one and only” person in the entire world.

However, Love, as most of us have already found out, has many faces.

There is the motherly/fatherly Love, the biological bond, which most of us have discovered as early as when we were in our mother’s womb.

Then there is the family Love, known to us through our connections with our siblings, grandparents, or other relatives.

Some of us feel Love for our pets, nature, town, country, or the entire globe. Some people say they love humankind.

Some describe as “Love” the feeling they have when talking about their life, career, their house, their car, computer, ipod, iphone, cellphone -- or other things they own or want to purchase.

No matter with whom or what, we all have found ways of “falling in Love”, or “loving” whoever or whatever we found desirable and “worthy” of the investment of our time, energy, thought and heart.

We all know Love, if not through our own experience, then at least through observation or life wisdom which taught us about the existence of such an enormous Power.

According to the Master Teachings, Universal Love is the 7th Power creating/ruling/affecting the world AND it is one of the internal processes that we all go through, sooner or later – at one point or another. (See “What are the 7 Powers – brief overview” for more info about the Powers).

There are 7 aspects to the 7th Power, and they can be described by the 7 other names one can use when taking about Universal Love. These are:

Joy, Acceptance, Lowliness (as in being humble), Equality, Surrender, Equilibrium, Reconciliation.

Although the very concept of Love seems to be so natural and empowering, many of us fear Love. We fear that by feeling Love we might lose our independence, our freedom, and be taken advantage of, leaving us disempowered, humiliated, and simply feeling worthless and bad.

And so, afraid of Love, we have guarded ourselves with blocks and walls – to prevent ourselves from possible hurt.

Nothing can be further from the truth than anticipating that Love will lead us to disempowerment. It is the opposite: Love IS Power. Lack of Love IS lack of Power.

And, when we are not in tune with the 7th Power, we tend to dwell in the “hypnotic illusion” of being in control of our fate, while experiencing fear.

Opening one’s heart to Love is one of the biggest and most important steps in our evolution. It is inevitable, and cannot be omitted if we want to progress and perpetuate our existence.

Please remember: Love has many faces, and, loving is not limited to a romantic bond. Even though such a (romantic) bond can become an excellent opportunity to learn about, and connect with, the Universal Love, the 7th Power.

As the consciousness that we are, we can only exist as long as we are aware of ourselves, progressing through our experience. Consciousness is nothing else but a vibration, a current, a signal, if you may. And as such, we have been affected by the vibration of the 7 Powers creating the world. We need to be in tune with them in order to progress and exist.

For our own good, we need to be in tune with Love.

Let’s have a look at how most of us react to Love, and how we usually perceive and interpret Love. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 15 – “Veils of Dying and Loving” from the book “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”:

When I met with Rhami-yata in the Chamber of Seven Powers, I sat on the stone floor without a word.
            “You fear for your friend?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said. “Very much. She might die of cancer, and I’m very afraid.”
“Because I love her,” I looked at him, surprised. “And I don’t want to lose her. I need her.”
He came over and sat in front of me. “Why do you need her?”
“What do you mean? I just said: she is my friend. We love and support each other. It is wonderful to have her in my life.”
“I see,” he said. “She makes you feel loved, accepted, and valued.”
I looked at him carefully. I could see that he was up to something. “Yes, we value and support each other,” I said slowly. “Is there anything wrong with that?”
Rhami-yata’s eyes darkened. My Mind started to wander away, and I caught myself thinking that they were the same color as my wool carpet, which I’d bought years before when I first left my ex-husband.
“Depends on your expectations,” said the marine-blue-eyed Master.
“What do you want from me?” I said. “I’m afraid to lose my friend! Is this the time to tell me that I am too dependent on her? She might die, you know!”
“And if she did indeed die, would you respect and support her choice?”
I was silent for a moment. “I don’t know,” I said honestly. “ I think I would be very hurt that she left me.”
He nodded.
I looked into his eyes and kept thinking of the stupid wool carpet.
Here he is, - I thought – trying to educate my stubborn Soul, and all I do is let my Mind perpetuate my silliness!
“Your love is not given freely to your friend,” said Rhami-yata. “It’s full of conditions, and if she doesn’t comply with your expectations, you would hurt very much.”
I wanted to protest, but he explained further that Ella was one of the vessels I had used for maintaining my self-worth. She was fulfilling my need for acceptance, for being valued and wanted in somebody’s life. But if she decided to die, leaving me without her support, I would feel hurt and abandoned. She wouldn’t be there anymore to give me what I wanted, and so I would suffer because of that.
“Let’s take a closer look at how you, and most people, function in relationships, Hermenethre.”
The whole conversation was very painful to me, but I felt it was very important. I wanted him to go on.
But then he paused, and I suddenly felt tired. I closed my eyes, just to let myself breathe rhythmically for a tiny moment, long enough to rest my unruly Mind.
Yet my Mind didn’t want to give in, and soon an image from years before floated into my restful thoughts. There we were, Jacob – my ex-husband, and I, holding hands and walking down the street of our home town, on a sunny breezy day.
“Very often,” I heard Rhami-yata say, “in a close relationship with others, people get confused about their feelings. Everyone needs to feel accepted, valued, embraced as they are. Yet it is expected of their friends, or lovers, to give them the love they are longing for. To become an everlasting supply of acceptance and support.”
My visual memory now changed. I saw myself up on the roof of the highrise in Toronto. My ex-husband and my son were already asleep, downstairs, and I was fully awake. There was a couch on the roof, sheltered from bad weather by a wall extension, and it became my bed for that night. I had watched the clear skies, and the buildings downtown till morning, when the sun was “born”.
“As long as the support lasts, on both sides, the parties value and love each other,” continued my teacher’s voice. “However, soon it is realized that no matter how much love and support they get from one another, it is not enough. So the expectations and demands grow. And none of them feels really happy and secure.”
I kept my eyes closed, and my Mind was filled with another image. In fast forward I saw many days fly by, and each of them was the same. My ex-husband, with his eyes closed, headphones on, listening to numerous records and dwelling in his thoughts. And me, lost in my creative ideas, exploring my own inner world, isolated from his. Two strangers, in the same room.
“When people have an unfulfilled need for love,” said Rhami-yata, “they decide that it is their partner’s or friend’s fault. And then they often move to another relationship. Again, expecting their need for love to be fulfilled by the new partner, or friend. They keep moving from person to person, and stay with them in longer or shorter relationships.”
The image in my Mind became blurred, and I wasn’t sure whether it was now Jacob or my next partner, Norman, that I saw. The man was reading a book in his room, late at night, and I was watching the stars through the window, alone in the bedroom.
I opened my eyes and said, “Well, those in the longer lasting relationships at least attempt to be committed to giving and not only wanting someone’s love,” I said. “They want to give love to the other, not just take and move on.”
The Master looked at me carefully. He explained that the main reason for many long-term relationships was the subconscious fear of being left alone. Because of the unhealed emotional wounds, those who feared being on their own subconsciously believed that if there was no one in their lives to love them, it meant that they were “not good enough”. While those who moved quickly from person to person were mostly driven by the subconscious fear that if their partner discovered who they really were, she or he would run away and leave them hurt. Because again, they believed they were “not good enough” for any partner to truly love them.
“As you can see, Hermenethre,” he said, “there may be various styles of maintaining relationships. Some people stay in them longer, some quickly move on. But all of that is just a ‘hunt’ for Love. Yet ‘hunting’ for Love that way never seems to work, does it?”
I sighed. “No, it doesn’t. You are right. Feeling unloved is like being ill, you know. So we look for the antidote for our unhappiness. And it seems there is none. At least not in the places where we look for it. I too, have been seeking Love in all the wrong places. Haven’t I?”
And there it was – another realization. Again, thanks to my invaluable teacher, I was able to understand things that were affecting my life, causing me a lot of pain. My relationships, one that was already over, and the present one that seemed to be going nowhere. They were nothing but my desperate attempts to get any Love I could.
I smiled, and whispered, “Thank you.”
The Master nodded. “Once you stop blaming others for not being able, or not wanting to give you what you need, you will find the Love you need within you,” he said in his peaceful, warm voice. Mind you, I do not mean that you have to be selfish to feel loved. I’m not talking about your Ego loving you, and you filling up yourself with pride at how special and better than others you are. I am talking about your true connection with the vibration of Love. Once you feel that connection, you never feel unloved. Do you understand that?”
I did. And I let him know that, with another grateful smile.
Once I feel a connection with the vibration of Love, - I thought – I’ll respect and treasure myself and others, equally.
And then he shared with me the most beautiful thing: Love was not something one could really give or receive. One could give affection, support, or passion to one another. But true Love was not an emotion, or a thing. Love just was, enveloping everything, and vibrating as an energy wave.
“When you understand that the vibration of Love includes the whole world, you can see clearly how all are connected, and loved,” he added. “Then you feel happy, knowing that you are worthy, and you don’t need anyone else to prove that to you. And so you can share with another in that loving vibration. And that, Hermenethre, is a healthy and truly loving relationship.”
“Sharing Love that fills us up, not merely giving or receiving Emotions, is a true loving relationship,” I whispered.
I closed my eyes and was silent for a long while. When I opened them I saw Rhami-yata sitting in front of me and looking at me with quiet patience and tenderness. Tears started to roll down my face, uncontrollably. I felt all the pain, the deep wounding of my difficult childhood, and the pain of the unfulfilled need for Love. And I felt the resentment I had created for my ex-husband, and for my present partner.
“Tell me,” I cried. “Tell me how am I to deal with all of that?”
Rhami-yata said that the only way was to make the decision that I would work through my pain, no matter what.
I quickly nodded, letting him know that I would.
The first step was to understand and embrace who I was.
“You are not a ‘bad’ person, just because you have been wounded,” he said. “You are a terrific, magnificent person who is willing to heal her emotional wounds, and open up to Love. Remember, that if you do not acknowledge yourself with all that you are, those aspects of yourself which you resent will become your Shadows, and will hide in your subconscious. They will control your feelings, your thoughts and your actions. And then, your life, including your relationships, will be an unconscious act of perpetuating your wounds and fears.”
I told him I would do whatever needed to be done, no matter how much it hurt.
He smiled. “Hermenethre, it doesn’t have to be as painful as you expect. Though of course, cleaning the wounds may naturally be unpleasant. All depends on how much resentment, or willingness to get ‘clean’ you have.”
“A lot of willingness,” I assured both him and myself.
He asked me to begin with a simple exercise. For the next few days, I was to let myself believe that everybody, in every situation I would experience, was coming from the source of Love.
“Please include yourself in that ‘everybody’ list,” he said. “Trust in others, and yourself, and observe what happens.” (end of excerpt)

If you are ready to open your heart, letting yourself connect with the 7th Power and experience more Love  – everything that you need will show up in your life.

Let me share another experience with you.

When I was finally ready to welcome Love (after healing the wounds left by my two failed long-term relationships), to vibrate with it and fill my life and heart with that vibration, I decided to confess my hopes and fears to the Universe. And so, I wrote a letter to my future Lover – not knowing yet who he might be. A few days later my Love, Patrick, entered my life, and stayed -- for me to love him, and for him to love me.

Below is the letter. I hope it might inspire you to write your own. And I hope, it might help you to open your own heart.

“Here’s my confession:

I can feel you coming. Coming into my life and turning it upside down. It’ll be very soon. Too soon? What if it would be too soon? What if I’m still not ready…

I can feel you. And, yes, I’m not ready.  But I’ll never be ready until you’ll come into my life, and make it your own.

I’m terrified, I’m trembling. My eyes and ears are shot, to escape from the outside -- so that I can see the inside.

You are almost here.

I’m dying from fear, and the anticipation, hoping for your love to be greater than any of my nightmares.

I am trembling.

And I can’t breathe.

“Time out! Time out!” – I hear myself scream.

And so I’m about to find out how it feels, how it really feels, to be with you.

I can’t keep those curtains closed forever, can I?

You will enter with the sun in your left palm. Your right palm has already reached me. It was smiling, yes, your right hand smiled at me in the darkness.

Then the clouds parted. But the sky was too obvious, too bright.

So I pulled the curtains in. And I’m keeping them closed, tight… for how long?

My heart is beating fast. Filing up the night and day with the rhythm of my fear.

“Go away! Go away!” – I’m about to scream. Instead, I close my mouth. My lips taste like strawberries. Is that the sweetness of the kiss to come, or is it the taste of my own blood?

I don’t wanna give up on me. I don’t wanna give up on you.

For more information on the Art of Loving and how to deal with old, unwanted patterns -- read the book "Master and The Green-Eyed Hope" --  Chapter Fifteen "Veils of Dying and Loving" & Chapter Eighteen "Exploring Shadowland".

NOTE: another book by Johanna Kern will be coming soon:  "Shadow Transformation -- The Banner Method". Based on the course developed by Johanna Kern -- a quick and enjoyable way to deal with your old patterns and personal Shadows.

Yes, you can do it, while having fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PASSING -- the 4th Power & THE ILLUSION of DEATH

Yes, just like most of us, I have lost dear people, and animals, in my life. They passed away either unexpectedly, or because they were old, or because they were ill. No matter what was the cause for their physical departure, it always came as shock, and pain.

Physical death, as observed in the world around us, is one of the aspects of the 4th Power, Passing, and often is greatly misunderstood.

For some, Passing means the end of existence. For others Passing means a threshold, a door to the afterlife where they will continue to exist as Souls. Depending on our personal beliefs, and either cultural or religious conditioning, we tend to understand Passing as the inevitable, harsh ending to either our physical life, or our consciousness per se. And so, no matter what our background – we tend to fear Passing.

Why do we fear Passing?

Simply because, as the consciousness that we are, we do want to persist. However, we also tend to understand our existence as linked either to our physical body, or the Soul that we believe may “dwell” in the spiritual world forever. Either way, the essence of our existence is greatly misunderstood.

Although there are no guarantees for the eternity of our being (or Soul, if you may), as there are no guarantees that we will wake up the next day – as the consciousness that we are, we do have a choice to either persist or perish.

Remember that consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal that lasts as long as it is developing/progressing and remaining aware of itself. (See more about that in “What are the 7 Powers – brief overview”.) 

And, there is a way to sustain the existence of the consciousness that we are – through Progress, the 2nd Power, which allows for constant development of our awareness. (See “You & Progress – the 2nd Power” post for more info on that topic.)

Now, we need to have a look at “where”, “when”, and “how” we persist as consciousness.

Most of us agree that we live in a material world. We are sure of the existence of the material world, because we can experience it through our senses. Many of us also agree that there is a spiritual world. We believe in the spiritual world, because we can “experience” it through our intuition, belief system, logic, or the so called “sixth sense”.

In other words: we agree to what we experience and/or perceive. Doesn’t matter whether it is physical or not, as long as we experience/perceive something, we agree to its existence in some way.

It used to be (the old school) that science would confirm the existence of the material, and question the existence of the spiritual, labeling it as “illusion”. Nowadays, science (especially quantum physics) already considers the material as nothing but an illusion, stating that it is our senses and brains that interpret the illusion and make us “believe” its actual existence.

(You might want to have a look at the works of the theoretical physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who was featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” He brought cutting edge quantum theory down to earth and, further, by heralding proof of ancient spiritual principles for a mainstream audience, became the first physicist ever to break into pop culture celebrity.) 

And therefore, since the material world is being considered by quantum theory (and some spiritual beliefs) as illusion, many people conclude that the spiritual world is the actual and real world. And that the Souls therefore can come and “live” in the illusion of matter -- for the purpose of experience -- and then they return “home”, to the spiritual world, where they “truly exist”.

However, such beliefs may also be limiting and misleading. Again, remember that “consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal that lasts as long as it is developing/progressing and remaining aware of itself”.

No matter whether we experience ourselves in the material or spiritual world – all of it is merely and Illusion.

Matter and Spirit are only an Illusion. And those who die their physical deaths are still dwelling in the Illusion of Matter and Spirit. Their beings (or Souls, if you may) are not yet liberated, even though their bodies are dead.

The true liberation from the Illusion happens through Passing, the 4th Power. And Passing, as all the Powers, can be observed externally in the world (as for instance the physical death – which is one of the aspects of Passing). However, Passing is also an internal process we may experience. And it can be completely separate from the physical death.

According to The Master Teachings, when someone truly passes away from Matter and Spirit, he or she is then able to truly exist in oneness with the Highest Vibration:

“Passing away from Matter and Spirit is the same as truly waking up from the Illusion. It marks the beginning of our true existence, and it is only a transition, a step in the whole process of creation. What is non-existing in the Illusion, is existing in oneness with the Highest Vibration. Only such existence is real. Beyond Matter and Spirit.”

Here is a little story, an excerpt from “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope” to illustrate to you how one continues to dwell in the Illusion, even after their physical death:
“That night, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was sitting in my plush armchair, in the living room, and it was late afternoon. There was soft music in the background, and the tunes made me a bit sleepy.
Suddenly, a tall slender woman entered the room. She might have been a few years older than me, and her outfit was rather surprising. She was wearing a full length medieval gown, white, with long sleeves. Her long blond hair almost reached the floor and it was decorated with fresh daisies.
She walked straight up to me, and I felt tremendous cold. As if the temperature in the room had dropped. I had noticed that the woman’s face was tense, and there was something in her blue eyes that made me alert. The woman reached to me, trying to touch me. With an unexplainable impulse, I quickly got up, avoiding her stretched arm. I moved behind the armchair. Now, having the furniture between her and myself, I felt a bit more comfortable.
“Who are you?” I asked.
She laughed. Her laughter was harsh and throaty. I couldn’t help thinking that it sounded staged, almost theatrical.
“Are you afraid of me?” she asked in a throaty fake voice.
“Not a all. Not even a bit,” I said. “Are you going to tell me who you are?”
Her eyes narrowed, and she again reached to me.
I moved back a bit, avoiding her touch. “You’ve got to stop that, lady, right now. I will not let you touch me. Stop trying.”
She let out a long hiss through her teeth.
“And don’t try to scare me. Either you tell, right now, who you are and what you want from me, or I’ll make you leave.”
Now she looked at me in a weird manner, sort of crossing her eyes, as if she were trying to pierce me with them.
“Ridiculous,” I sighed with resignation. “That’s the door,” I pointed with my finger. “And I want you behind it.”
“Please don’t do that,” she said in a softer, almost normal voice. “I need your help.”
Her face was different now. The tense, theatrical expression was gone, and she looked rather sad. Almost as if she were in pain. Yes, she did look like someone who needed help.
“All right,” I said after a pause. “Back off two steps, and don’t move until I let you. You understand?”
“Yes.” She did as I told her.
I slowly moved and sat down in my armchair. I crossed my legs, putting the left one on top.
“You can speak now,” I said.
“I’m a Demon!” she spat almost instantly, and again there was the tense expression on her face. This time I believed her, and my heart jumped a bit. Yet instinctively I knew it was better not to show any fear. I only nodded, without blinking my eye.
“I’ve been here for many, many years,” she added.
“Where is ‘here’?” I asked in a peaceful voice.
She sighed. “I don’t know. I keep moving, travelling from place to place. Forests, villages, towns. People’s homes. Everything keeps changing, always.”
“You mean you’ve been hanging around since medieval times?”
“What are ‘medieval times’?” she asked.
“Right, you wouldn’t know. I got it,” I nodded. “I mean the times where people were dressing like you.”
She looked down at her long gown. “I don’t know, I don’t understand. I just don’t remember,” she sounded hopeless.
“Well, what do you remember?”
“Fear. There was always fear. And cold. There was always cold.”
“I see.”
“I’ve been condemned,” she said. “I’m a wandering Demon. I have been condemned for eternity.”
“Oh, no,” I replied. “No, no. Hold on a minute. Who condemned you?”
“They did.”
I nodded. All was now clear to me. That poor woman must have been condemned by the Church in medieval times. And her Soul had been wandering in the Illusion for centuries. Believing that she had been denied the rewards of Heaven, the poor woman had assumed the “role” of a Demon. That helped her somehow to deal with her tremendous fear of Hell. Because as a Demon, she felt strong, undefeated and safe.
Poor woman – I thought. She’s been suffering like that for hundreds of years!
“Listen,” I said, “whatever gave you the idea that I can help you? It’s not how it works.”
“You don’t want to help me?” I saw panic in her eyes.
“Oh, no. It’s not that I don’t want to. I simply don’t think it’s up to me.”
She shook her head. “I know you can help me. Please, I have nowhere to go.”
“Oh, boy,” I sighed. “Let me think.”
She was quiet, looking at me like a helpless puppy, as I was processing the whole thing in my head.
What am I to do with her? - I thought. Nobody trained me how to deal with Demons, for God’s sake!
“You know,” I said after a pause, “there is one thing we can do. But you have to listen to me carefully and do as I say.”
“Yes, yes. I will.”
“All right. What I am going to tell you is the Truth. Do you trust me?”
“That’s why I came here. I want to hear the Truth.”
“Oh, boy,” I sighed again. “Listen, what I am going to share with you is my Truth. It is what I believe in. Do you understand?”
“I think I do. You are going to tell me what is true for you.”
“You’re an intelligent woman, I like that,” I said happily. “Let me tell you then, that the place where you have been wandering for so long, is an Illusion.”
“An Illusion?” she asked.
“Yes. It doesn’t exist.”
And then I shared with her what I learned about Passing from Rhami-yata. She listened very carefully as I was explaining to her, in the most simple way, what I knew about the difference between Illusion and Truth. Then I reminded her about God’s Love, and my Demon guest burst out in tears. I assured her that she had been the one who condemned herself. No matter what she had done, it was not up to the Church to cast her out from God’s Love. Nobody had such power.
When she asked me what to do, to free herself from the Illusion, I suggested that first she needed to forgive herself for whatever she still felt guilty about. And to recognize that her condemnation had “expired”, a long time ago.
“Then you let yourself melt into oneness with the Highest Vibration. And trust. That’s all.”
“Thank you,” she said. “I will do everything just the way you told me. Yet, there is one more thing I want from you.”
“I want you to forgive me.”
“But I have nothing against you,” I said. “It is you who needs to forgive yourself.”
“I know. I understood everything you were saying. But I do need someone to forgive me, so that it would feel more real to me.”
I nodded. “Yes, I totally get you. That’s how we humans, are wired. We always want to be accepted by others, don’t we? Of course I forgive you, dear beautiful Soul. And I also forgive you on behalf on the entire humanity, if I may.” I smiled warmly.
More tears sprang from her eyes, and she threw herself down, trying to kiss my left foot. Instinctively, I quickly pulled back, and her lips landed only slightly on my big toe.
“You shouldn’t touch me!” I exclaimed. “You are still a Demon!”
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I only wanted to thank you.”
“Yes, I know. But there was no need. Why don’t you go now, and take care of yourself.”
The woman left. And I didn’t have any other dreams that night.”

More on topics related to Death & Passing in “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”, Chapters:
“Closing the Eyes of Perception”, “Veils of Dying and Loving” & “Spinning the Wheel of Creation”.