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Monday, December 17, 2012

December 21st, 2012: The End of the World or The End of Illusions?

Everyone has their own opinion about December 21st, 2012, whether private or public. Some of us fear the end of the world, others are waiting with joy for this day because they believe that it will change our planet through a sudden shift in the consciousness of the human race. Still others argue that this change will occur only in the consciousness of people who are “chosen”, “special” or such who are “ready” to go to another realm of higher vibrations. There are also those who don’t see anything different or special about December 21st. Except that it is the winter solstice.

These dilemmas, both fears and hopes, are due to the widespread news that the Mayan Calendar ends, and that the date marks the end of the previous era of existence for humanity. In this connection, some interpret this as End of the World, and others as the Awakening of The Human Race.

Why has the Mayan Calendar become such an authority on the fate of mankind?

For thousands of years, many ancient cultures have been viewing the world through the prism of astronomy, mathematics, biology, psychology, physics and cosmology. However, all of these areas were part of a unity, since science in ancient times was not divided into separate fields. It used to be one area, called philosophy, which saw man, God/Goddess/Gods, the universe and the laws prevailing in it as creating one single phenomenon – life and its experience. God/Goddess/Gods and mathematics, cosmology and psychology, biology and spiritual development, man and physics - all of this was regarded as united, and affecting one another. Only for about the last two thousand years has science been divided into separate areas, such as mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, astronomy, etc., due to new religious trends taking over the Western world.

Not only the Mayans, but also the ancient Egyptians, Druids, Sumerians, and even the early Christians viewed Gods, the world and themselves, according to the philosophy of unity with the universe, and everything else. Astronomy, for instance, was in ancient times somewhat similar to today’s astrology, because of not only mathematically determining the movements of the planets but also their influence on the world and humans. As a coherent science - philosophy - played a vital role in people’s lives. Ancient calendars were designed to help people in their subsequent development cycles, and provide them with important dates in regards to difficulties or opportunities worth paying attention to.

The Mayan calendar is just one example of such ancient calculations. It should be noted that the ancient Mayan Calendar is actually composed of several calendars, each referring to a different area, for instance predictions, long cycles, short cycles etc. In addition, we need to remember that there are at least 17 Mayan tribes, and that each of those tribes had its own calendar, or rather calendars.

Also, not many of us are aware that the specific Mayan Calendar being referred to as the Mayan Calendar predicting December 21st, 2012 as the end of an era – has actually already ended… in 1994! Because the year 2012 in the Mayan Calendar is the year 1994 in the Gregorian Calendar commonly used in the West. Mayans calculate the dates differently, so the beginning of the Gregorian Calendar is not the beginning of the Mayan Calendar at all.

Those who talk about the end of the world, not for the first time (remember 2000?), are not only wrong about the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar, but also misinterpret its meaning. Just ask the Mayans themselves. One of my friends, a Mayan Shaman named Fernando Hernandez, last summer shared with me the news that 17 Mayan tribes were preparing a petition in which they had stated that their cosmology has nothing to do with the commonly spread paranoia of the end of the human race. There is no prediction of the end of the world in any of the Mayan Calendars. Their cosmology, philosophy, beliefs and teachings are far from prophesying the doomsday of our planet.

Unfortunately, there are people who use a variety of excuses to give rise to fear of a disaster, either for political or financial reasons. In last year there have been plenty of books and courses announcing “how to prepare for the End of the World” or “how to survive the doomsday” etc. Of course the authors of such claim to be “experts in Mayan culture”. Well, the true Mayan culture experts, however, are probably only the Mayans themselves, and especially the Mayan Shamans, who have a much more profound knowledge of their history, traditions, and “secrets” of their cosmology than the loud screaming homegrown “experts” who have no access to the real ancient sources.

As for the belief that December 21st, 2012, is to be the Awakening of Humanity: this is based on the fact that indeed there will be a specific arrangement of the planets. Some of them have already moved, earlier this year, or started to move, to their new places. Such arrangement of planets is supposed to be a rare event, taking place only once in many thousands of years. And on December 21st such a planetary arrangement is supposed to have its moment. THAT’S ALL.

It is also true that the planets’ energy (or magnetism) affects living organisms. Just look at the moon, as its great force is moving the ocean’s waters, causing daily, monthly and seasonal tides. The Moon affects the waters, including the organisms filled with water, such as ours. Just like the Moon, other planets have their various energy/magnetic effects on people, animals and all nature.

Such knowledge has been used not only in meteorology, but also, for example, in astrology. Unfortunately, nowadays astrology is not what it used to be in ancient times: it used to be a real science. Today, however, it is mostly used for the purpose of entertainment, or purely for financial gain. It is not easy to find a truly good astrologer, since many are simply not well educated, as the true science of astrology has been mostly forgotten. It is said in America that millionaires do not use astrologers, but billionaires do! We are talking here, of course, about the handful of genuine astrologers, not those who write the newspaper horoscopes for entertainment purposes, or those who charge their clients for vague and nonsensical readings.

Taking into account the impact of planets not only on our bodies, but also emotions, thoughts and events we create in our lives – indeed 21st of December, 2012, will be a very auspicious date.

A great planetary alignment, and good energy on that solstice day. That's all.

There will be no sudden Awakening of Humanity. There will be no abrupt shift to the next level of awareness for the “chosen”, “special” or “ready” ones, as some of the New Age sources keep repeating, and hoping for. Some of the New Age trends, and also some of the of the various religious beliefs, keep perpetuating such words as “love”, “peace”, “unity”, etc. However, those ideals have become just abstract, empty phrases, dissociated from real human experience. Furthermore, such an abstract take on those ideals, sooner or later turns into an inability to create one’s own fate, to face and live one’s life, to properly mature and integrate as a human being. Unlike psychology for instance, which empowers people to progress emotionally and spiritually, such an abstract understanding of one’s own nature and the laws of the material world leads to neglecting one’s power to mature, integrate and fully experience life. Labeling oneself “spiritual”, nowadays often means escapism, immaturity or dwelling in illusion, instead of living one’s own life. Of course there are exceptions to that, well known great teachers, and many quiet “everyday masters”…

The truth is that we are all unique, and equally important and indispensable to the development of all of us. As the consciousness that we are, we manifest ourselves in the material world, to progress and learn through our experience. And, on the level where we are the consciousness that we are, we all share our various experiences, and learn form one another.

No one is better, or more important than anyone else.

Therefore, December the 21st, 2012 will be for ALL OF US simply auspicious, and full of beneficial energy/magnetism. THAT’S ALL.

In addition, the solstice day will mark the beginning of the holiday season. No matter how we choose to celebrate the season, no matter what our background, beliefs, race or nationality, it is good to get together with our family and friends, and cherish one another. One year is about to end, together with a particular cycle in our life, while a new cycle begins. And it’s a great opportunity to reflect on what was, while welcoming, planning and preparing for what’s next. Have a fantastic, joyful Holiday!

* First published (in Polish language) on Iwona Majewska-Opielka blog:

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