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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Consciousness That We Are Is Not Limited To Either Material or Spiritual World...

No matter what our background – we tend to fear Passing. Simply because, as the consciousness that we are, we do want to persist. For some, Passing means the end of existence. For others Passing means a threshold, a door to the afterlife where they will continue to exist as Souls. Remember that consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal that lasts as long as it is developing/progressing and remaining aware of itself. Although there are no guarantees for the eternity of our being (or Soul, if you may), as there are no guarantees that we will wake up the next day – as the consciousness that we are, we do have a choice to either persist or perish. There is a way to sustain the existence of the consciousness that we are – through Progress: which allows for constant development of our awareness. The consciousness that we are is not limited to either material or spiritual world, and it won’t perish as long as it is progressing and remaining aware of itself. (To learn more about the consciousness that we are, you might want to have a look at the works of the theoretical physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who was featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”. He brought cutting edge quantum theory down to earth and, further, by heralding proof of ancient spiritual principles for a mainstream audience, became the first physicist ever to break into pop culture celebrity.) 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy for others - lucky in own life

On your path to Happiness and Success, you may often experience a build-up of delays, setbacks and obstacles. It is a sign that you are going through the necessary self-healing process which prepares you for the next step on your journey. It is normal. Your subconscious needs a time-off to clear up the old baggage. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming. Do not give up in such moments – but learn to celebrate the good luck, success and happiness of others. Remember: on the subconscious level your brain makes no difference between your own and others’ happiness. It is as if you were celebrating your own success and good luck. When you are happy for others – you open a huge gate for your own Happiness and Success on the subconscious level. This truth has been taught for a long time at the most prestigious leadership programs and self-development courses. No one who cannot be happy for others can ever achieve significant and lasting success. “Happy for others -- lucky in own life.” J J

Monday, October 28, 2013

Learning Happiness

When you see somebody's good fortune, be happy for them, celebrate their good luck! As if they were your best friends and you wished them well. Find your own joy in other people's happiness. Even if they are strangers to you, be happy for them. Later on, once you learn how to be happy for others, it will be easier for you to learn your own happiness. Do not give away your power to anything or anybody else. You can decide whatever you want, and feel in any way you want. Enjoy, it can be a lot of fun!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Freedom of all limitations begins in Your Mind

The first step on your road to happiness is to get clear about what weighs you down. You have been used to perpetuating your thoughts around old hardship or painful circumstances. You have defined yourself and created your state of being based on those old memories. While your life goes forward, you have been stuck in the past. Remember, the past is only an idea in your Mind. It does not exist anywhere else. Over the next while pay attention to your thoughts and stop yourself from perpetuating any negative feelings. Whenever you notice a negative thought taking over, use one of the following simple methods:
-- The “Stop!” mind technique: shout loudly in your Mind “Stop!” whenever a negative thought is coming.
-- The “Elastic Band” method. Just put an elastic band on your wrist for a week, and snap it firmly any time you feel negative thoughts coming. It helps! These methods are very effective as they are based on the Pavlov’s  “conditioned reflex”. They will help you to decrease, or even completely eliminate negative thinking. Have fun! J

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Affirmation

Once we acknowledge the Power of our Thoughts as the true creators of our reality, we are ready to take responsibility for our own Happiness. In order to achieve Happiness we need to get rid of any limitations that prevent us from building the life we want. Deep inside us, there is a seed of true wisdom which can guide us through the liberation process. It is very useful to repeat the following every morning, before rising from bed and starting a new day:

“I allow myself today to be open to all possibilities. 

I open myself to the inner guidance and follow it with trust and patience.

Whatever will happen – it will be important for my development.

Today I’m moving towards my Liberation, Unlimited Power and Happiness.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Power of You

The Power of our Thoughts: despite whether we believe it or not – what we think we become. No other power in the world has equally profound affect on our life journey as the Power of our own Thoughts. Freedom from any limitations begins in our Mind. Freedom is the base for Happiness, and when it comes to Freedom and Happiness there is nobody else who can give it to us but ourselves. Here is a simple affirmation which when repeated a few times on a daily basis can change the way we perceive ourselves and help us build the life we want:

“I am the creator of my reality because
I have control of the focus of my thoughts.

I can thrive under any and all conditions.
I can be joyful under any and all conditions.
I can find interesting things to think about or participate in under any and all conditions.
I am not held captive by my environment, by my coachers, by my government, by my relationships, by anything.”