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Welcome, Daughter,” said the ancient Master, and that’s how it all began.
Nothing was the same any more, my life as I knew it was gone, and for the next nineteen years I lived an adventure that one could find perhaps in fairytales and fantasy books -- but not in day-to-day reality.
I am a filmmaker (producer, writer and director), very happy and fulfilled with my profession, and not seeking to become something else. And yet, for whatever reason, I started to regularly fall into trances where I met the ancient Master who totally turned upside down everything I used to believe in.
He gave me an entirely fresh, new look at all that we hold as sacred: ourselves, our origins and purpose. He taught me about true Power, Success, Happiness, Abundance and Freedom of all limitations. I learned about The Seven Powers that create and rule the world, and how I can improve my life by tuning into those Powers. 
Although my story may seem to some of you like a “dream come true”, I had to pay a high price for what I had learned. I was required to leave behind all that I loved and knew, and become an apprentice of the Master. Many years later, after several crucial Initiations, and because of what I have lived through, now I can share with others the amazing ancient knowledge “brought back to life” after nine thousand years since its first revelation.
Now others can tune into the ancient power and knowledge without having to go through any of the challenges, problems and setbacks I had to overcome.
This book is based on my personal journal and recollection of the Master Teachings, as given to me over the years, during my trances. The people and events are real, and so is my experience.
The story reveals my adventure, how it affected my personal and professional life, how I have applied in reality what I learned in trance. The trance lessons were full of fun „scenes“, set in an Ancient Temple. I had to live through them in order to „experience“ the knowledge, and then try it out in everyday life.
Yes, of course I questioned my sanity. Wouldn’t you?  But I finally understood the enormous value of what I have learned. And that is more important than anything else.
For many years now, while a full-time filmmaker, I have been counseling people regarding health, spirituality, emotional problems, family issues, relationships, death, life and career paths. Thus far, only a handful of my closest friends have known my true story.  They have helped me to accept what has happened to me, and are constantly pushing me to share the Master Teachings with a larger audience.
I hope that many of you, the Readers, will get inspired, find new meaning in your lives, and go much further than I have gone. Why? Simply because we are human and our nature is to always explore and learn. And because we have not yet learned everything we could about ourselves, the world we live in, and what is beyond this world.
Why not have a fresh look at what is most important to us: who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. 
There are nineteen chapters in the book, each covering a different topic fascinating human minds for centuries. Except, while these topics were reserved thus far for scientists, philosophers, psychologists and theorists only -- and not easily understood by a regular person like myself – the Master Teachings enable everybody to “get it all”. 

The presentation is a high entertainment show for everyone who loves to have fun, laugh, cry, be constantly surprised, taken out of their mind and thrown into a fantastic scenario full of adventures and magic that, before, one could expect to find only in the most daring fantasy tales.    
The Master Teachings are not meant to be understood, or accepted, as the ultimate truth. They are only an example of how a personal journey can help us to find the meaning and essence of our existence.
 I am passing on to your hands the recollection of my adventure, and the ancient Master Teachings’ unique approach to psychology, self-development, quantum physics, philosophy and religion.
I hope that the new perspective will empower you to a healthier and happier approach to your life and all that is most important for you. My life has changed because of that new understanding. I hope yours will be better too.
Johanna Kern