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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EXPLORING SHADOWLAND - personal and global Shadows

Excerpt from Chapter 18, MASTER AND THE GREEN-EYED HOPE

“Never resist who you have become thus far,” said the Master. “Honor, accept, and observe who you are. Then you’ll be able to transmute, transform what you wish to change.”

I closed my eyes to concentrate better, to “soak in” his words. And then I felt an interesting sensation, as if I were being pulled in a whirl. The whirl kept spinning faster and faster, and then it grew, becoming a cyclone.

Funny, — I thought — it is very scary, but also interestingly pleasant. Like being on a carousel.
The spinning stopped and I opened my eyes. It was dark, and it took me a while before I got used to it and could recognize anything. I was still sitting down, but the Chamber of Seven Powers was gone. Instead of the stone floor, there was bare, hardened ground.

I quickly stood up and looked around. The surroundings were like nothing I had seen before, except maybe in some fantasy movies. As far as I could see, the night spread over miles of empty landscape. Mud, stones, ditches and patches of wetlands. Not even a shed, a bush or a tree.
I made a few steps. But the hardened ground now became gloomy and sticky. My bare feet sank in the cold mud.

“Oh, great!” I exclaimed. “Look what you’ve done to my anklets!” I raised my left foot to have a closer look at the now dirty gold that I had always worn in the Temple. The bottom of my white gown was muddy as well.

In the meantime the echo carried my voice. I was surprised to hear it, since I couldn’t see any walls or mountains around, nothing that could explain the echo.
“Anklets...! Anklets...! Anklets...!” it was saying.

Then, as if awakened by the sound, dark figures appeared out of nowhere and start walking toward me. Many figures. They soon surrounded me in a tight circle. And now I couldn’t see anything past them. They were faceless, but they had eyes, glowing in the dark like yellow lanterns. Their bodies were both solid and airy at the same time. As if made of dark and sticky smoke.

They all looked at me, curious. They were making a low pitched sound, as if a mixture of a distant wind and wolves howling. A scary, threatening sound.
Nobody moved. Not them, and not me.

I am having the worst nightmare in my life — I thought. And when I wake up, this all will be gone.
I pinched my arm and hissed from pain. But nothing was gone.

“Where am I?” I sent out a trembling, hazy thought-form, hoping it would reach someone out there.

It took a while, but to my biggest relief, Rhami-yata’s thought-form entered my Mind.
“Everything that you resist about yourself, or others, lives there in the form of Shadows, which grow deep inside your subconscious. Those Shadows are made of all the dark, disowned, rejected energy. And they are very powerful.”

I’m in the depths of my own Shadowland — I thought. And these are my own Shadows! So many of them.

I decided to stand still, noticing that if I didn’t move, the creatures around me wouldn’t move either. Not knowing what to do, I waited for the next message from Rhami-yata.

Again, after a short while, his thought-form arrived in my Mind. “They control your life,” it said. “From that subconscious level, your Shadows have enormous power over you, even greater than your conscious fearful Emotions, any of your Body and Ego-driven desires, or the sensory logic of your Mind.”

“Why is that?” my thought-form asked.

“Because you don’t know them,” was his reply. “And you cannot rule that which you don’t know. Your Shadows affect your physical life, and even your Soul’s choices.”

“What?!” my thought-form screamed. At the same time I made an involuntary movement. My feet were getting cold as I stood in a large pile of chilly mud. The Shadows moved instantly, now coming closer.
My heart was beating fast, and I froze again, hoping they would stop. They did, and I sighed with relief.

“Their dark, controlling energy can trap your Soul into experiencing life events that are in resonance with the nature of your Shadows,” my teacher’s thought-form explained further. “Your Soul is, so to speak, stuck because of your Shadows. And you won’t be able to make conscious choices, nor raise your vibration until you deal with them.”

Oh, boy — I thought hopelessly. How am I to defeat them? There are so many of them.

“You cannot fight or disarm them,” replied the Master’s thought-form. “But as I said before, you can transform them. You can transmute the Shadows’ dark, controlling energy into a conscious, collaborative vibration, which will then melt into the powers that the Shadows were blocking.”

I concentrated hard, trying to see past the Shadows surrounding me. Trying to find out what were the blocked powers and how to access them. But I couldn’t see anything at all.

“Help me, Father — my thought-form pleaded. “For I am truly stuck where I am right now.”

His reply came instantly. And I was ready to follow anything he said, just to free myself. For quite a while I had been violently shaking, both from the cold and from fear.

“You need to define your weaknesses first. Acknowledge them,” the Master advised.

I nodded my head, not knowing whether he could see me or not.

“For instance,” he continued, “if your weakness is the fear of life, and it’s paralyzing your growth, you can transform it into a strong clarity of how you want to live your life, in order to feel safe and to grow. 

Then your weakness becomes your strength, and you can start living the life you want to have.”

Not many people live like that — I thought. Instead, they only try to survive.

My teeth were chattering loudly. I was afraid that the sound would aggravate the Shadows, but they didn’t seem to react to it at all. They kept standing around me, and their yellow eyes kept glowing. I had never thought that yellow could be that scary. The color of the sunlight was always warm and joyous. Yet the Shadows’ eyes were cold, very cold.

Their energy is very strong — I thought. It can even stop my Soul in its tracks. What tremendous powers the Shadows must be blocking, if they needed to grow that strong.

“Rhami-yata,” I sent out another thought-form, “how does it work? How does my Soul get stuck because of their energy?”

END OE EXCERPT -- More in Chapter 18, Master and The Green-Eyed Hope

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