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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We create our life the way we want: happy, medium happy, a bit happy, unhappy.

Happiness is a privilege that we give ourselves. No one else can give it to us, or take it away. We create our life the way we want: happy, medium happy, a bit happy, unhappy. 

There are several ways in which various people direct their lives:
-- give in to current trends/belief systems; or try to impose their current beliefs on others
-- submit to, and live according to beliefs that are propagated by the majority of their environment
-- succumb regime from the outside, following the rules of some authorities; or force their own opinions on the environment
-- take responsibility for their own lives. Decide their fate. 

It is not difficult to guess that the latter is most beneficial to the creation of our happiness. Of course, it is also wise to listen to good advice. However, we do not get the advice from a gardener, or a cook, when it comes to decisions about our car. And, when we want to buy or build a house -- we don’t ask our jeweler for help. 

Those who themselves don’t know how to be happy -- cannot help us build our happiness. Why follow the opinions of those who complain, criticize, ridicule others or gossip? Could they really be the best advisors in matters of happiness, joy, and life wisdom?

We are responsible for our happiness. Not others. 

When it comes to wise advisors in the matter of happiness, sometimes it’s enough to listen to our own heart, observe the joy of life in the abundance of nature, and look at those who truly enjoy their lives. 

There are also various helpful methods for those who need a bit help to get started. Last week we shared with you a simple and easy way to reprogram our way of thinking, allowing us to return to our innate natural joy of life.

As with any prescription – reading it, understanding it, or even learning it by heart – will not bring any results. Remember, that only commitment to any method – will result in success. Our brains need full 6 weeks, in order to create a new habit. And it takes 6 months for any behavior to become a lifestyle.

Once again, here is the simple method for learning happiness in only 6 weeks:
-- every day find three small things for which you can be grateful ( thank for them the world, yourself, others, God, Universe - whomever you wish, depending on what’s your belief). You might be grateful, for instance, for a child's smile, a sunny day, good breakfast etc. However, every day you need to thank for something new! ☺  
-- start a notebook, in which you will record on daily basis these three things: "I am today rejoicing ..." (specify what, and why).
-- every day take a 5 minute break from your work/routine – to either joyfully dance, run, jump – or anything that will make you out of breath. ☺ Such a brief, joyful physical movement raises the levels of serotonin in the brain (a chemical responsible for good feeling), helping us to deal with worries, depression etc. However, for that purpose – do not exceed the 5 required minutes of joyful movement. Any strenuous exercise will exhaust you instead of giving you joy.
-- each day take 20 minutes to relax: the best way is to either go to the garden, park, be in the nature, with your eyes closed -- or at home, with headphones on -- listening with your eyes closed to some recordings of ocean waves, a murmuring stream etc. While you are listening to the sounds of nature (with your eyes closed) – your brain switches to alpha waves. In such state, your brain can be easily programmed for another way of thinking – joyous, appreciative of life.
-- for six weeks, refrain from watching / listening / reading news about tragedies, natural disasters, wars, crime scene, etc.

After 6 weeks of using this method, your brain switches to another, joyful approach to life. And after six months, if you manage to persist with this method – joyous living becomes your lifestyle. We wish you a joyous day! :) :)

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