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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What does Power mean to you?

Is it control, freedom to do what you want, influence on others, glamour, money, fame, high social status? Or perhaps you are coming from a religious background and you see Power as re-assurance of your eternal and better existence – some day – after you die?

We alone define our own Power and our limitations. It has always been our

Whether our take on Power is based on social or religious conditioning, personal desires or longings for a better world and afterlife, it is always our choice. And that choice rarely reflects our intuition, our deep understanding of what we feel about ourselves and our role in the world. It is rather a reflection of our feelings of powerlessness expressed as a need to become special, significant, and therefore “safe” and “worthy” of living and surviving.

When we submit to such drives, unaware of our own important place in the world, we perpetuate our powerlessness and give in to fear. We not only dismiss our true beauty and significance, we don’t truly enjoy our lives and long for a better future, whether during our lifetime or after our death.

There are no guarantees for the eternity of our being (or Soul, if you may). As there are no guarantees that we are going to wake up the next day. Naturally, as the consciousness that we are, we do want to persist. And yes, we can, but only if we continue evolving and keep experiencing our existence.

Consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal that lasts as long as it is developing/progressing and remaining aware of itself. And that’s the only guarantee. (See more about that in “The 7 Powers – brief overview” and “You & Progress – the 2nd Power: what it’s all about”.)

When we are looking for Power coming from our conditioning (whether social, religious, or shaped by personal feelings of worthlessness), we actually diminish our True Powerful selves.

It’s like putting paper bags on top of candles to make lanterns, and protect them from the wind.

We want to ensure that they will glow in the night. Yet a paper bag also dims the candle, diminishing its brightness, and limiting its power.

When we are hiding under a “paper bag”, we can’t fully “shine” with the True Infinite Power that flows through us. And this is why we remain imprisoned by our fears, perpetuating our powerlessness, giving in to the needs and wants of our Ego, Mind, Body, Emotions.

“Is there anything wrong with our needs and wants?” you may ask.

No. There isn’t anything wrong with us following our desires for more material, emotional or intellectual “fun”, fulfilling our drives and ambitions. Quite the opposite – it is good to have “fun”!

Yet it is important not to mistake them for something else, and remain aware that fulfilling them does not equal obtaining Power.

We already do have Power. We are already filled with True Infinite Power that affects everybody and everything on this planet, in all universes, during this lifetime and beyond. Whether we are aware of it or not, every single experience that we have becomes a precious gift to benefit every single being. Nobody and nothing can be the same without us. (See “PROGRESS the 2nd Power and what it is all about” post for more info on that.)

The only question is: how do we access the True Infinite Power and freely “glow” with it?

It is our own choice. We are the ones who put on the “paper bags”, and we are the ones who can free ourselves from them.

As simple as it sounds, it may often seem very difficult to do. The whole idea of us being filled with the True Infinite Power may be too abstract. And that is because we have covered it with “paper bags”.

The truth is, we don’t need to use any “paper bags” to feel better and safe. We are always important, special and worthy. Just because we exist, we are a special gift to everyone and everything else. Only while hiding under “paper bags”, we can’t fully “shine” and feel the True Infinite Power within us, and so we believe ourselves to be limited, insignificant and small.

Yet, whenever we are ready to make a different choice, we always find what we need: the tools, the circumstances, the right people on our path, and even the time.

Yes, our lives can be Powerful, Successful, Happy, Free of any limitations, and filled with all the “fun” we want to have.

More on that topic in “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”, Chapters:

 “Shadows on the Ego Route”, “Staircase to Liberation” & “Paper Bags for Infinite Power”.

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