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Sunday, July 8, 2012

YOU & PROGRESS - the 2nd Power: what it's all about

PROGRESS -- according to the Master Teachings -- is the 2nd Power creating the world.

Progress happens when something infiltrates into the Universal Law (the 1st Power), and an evolution takes place -- in a harmonious and natural way.

The Master Teachings state that nothing can ever be changed in the Universal Law for the material world (post on the 1st Power coming soon), until all the particles will be transmuted and transformed into another form. Until that happens, all the particles in the material world need to continuously progress and evolve.

We can observe Progress externally, in the world as we know it, as a physical evolution of humans, animals, all nature, planets, and universes.

And we can recognize Progress as the internal processes/development we all undergo: mental, emotional and spiritual.

As the consciousness that we are, we develop through our experiences, no matter what they are. There is no other way.

Since consciousness, in its essence, is simply a vibration, a current, or a signal, if you may – it can only last as long as it is progressing and remaining aware of itself.

The 7 Powers maintain the existence of the consciousness that we are (see “What are the 7 Powers – brief overview” for more info).

When we are not in tune with the 7 Powers – we are limiting our development/progress and, consequently, we lower the frequency of the vibration/current/signal that we essentially are, which means that we have less chance to perpetuate our existence.

Our personal development/progress affects not only our own life and destiny. It is directly linked to the development/progress of everyone and everything else -- including people, nature, planets and yes, even universes.

It means that we all affect each other through our experiences. We all collect them, as precious gifts, and then they are available for everyone and everything, in what we may call “the Universal Treasury”. All of us, no matter who we are, contribute to that treasury every single moment of our existence.

Now imagine how important YOU are! How extremely important is your experience: whether it is joyous, or sad. Whether you like it, or suffer from it in any way.

EVERY single experience, of EVERY single person, animal, plant, insect, planet or a star – is an invaluable gift to the rest of us. Because of what we experience, others can progress and expand. Because of what others experience, we can continue to evolve.

Each of us is unique, and we don’t have to experience everything ourselves. While having an ongoing access to the Universal Treasury, we benefit from the experiences of others at any given time. In the same way, others benefit from every single thing we have been going through.

This is how we all evolve, in harmony with PROGRESS, the Second Power creating the world. All of us are in it together. Whether consciously or not.

To better imagine how it all works, please consider the following story, an excerpt from “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope” (Chapter 17 – Opening Destiny’s Hand):

(…) I felt profound emotional changes taking place inside me. I no longer needed anyone to love me, and felt adored from “inside”. Peaceful and accepting. Well, at least a lot of the time. Sometimes the old anxiety and confusion would get me, but it was always only temporary, and it would quickly go away. It felt like a thick veil had been lifted and I could see more clearly who I was and what was my place in the world.
“Master,” I began, “let me use the analogy that I’ve already heard, so that I can explain the interconnection of us all.”
“There is nothing wrong with old analogies,” he said.
And so I recalled some people saying that we were like an ocean. Imagining the huge blue-green depths of it, I thought of us being the drops in the ocean. Of those drops the ocean was made. Some of us floated on the waves and reflected the sunshine and moonlight. Some drops carried boats and ships. Some were constantly smashed on the rocks, while others were jumping up and down and swirling, creating whirls.
“Each drop has a different fate, a different way of being the ocean,” agreed Rhami-yata.
I continued my story, and further focused on those jumping, swirling drops. They were very “loud” by nature, and other drops, when near them, were often pulled into their whirl. Some drops ended up in the centre of the whirl, some just on its edges.
That picture made me laugh. “It seems to be,” I said, “that we drops keep watching other drops, and often come to conclusions about them. And then we say: ‘Oh, look at that drop hopping up and down, she’s created such a big whirl of drops, she must be special, a better drop she is! A true star! A great politician, or a fascinating celebrity’.”
Rhami-yata smiled. “Indeed, Hermenethre, it might work that way.”
The drops from my story were now observing those being smashed against the rocks, and I could almost hear them talking about how hard and painful the smashed drops’ job must have been. That they were probably punished for something bad they had done, or they were stupid enough to work so hard. “Oh, we must be so much better than they are!” - some were saying. “Because all we need to do is just float here, on top of this pleasant wave, and reflect the light. We must be privileged, special drops.”
The Master nodded slowly, carefully watching me as I was unfolding the story. His eyes were now the same shade of deep blue-green as the ocean I had created in my Mind.
“And that’s how we program ourselves and others,” I said. “While jumping up and down, we, the active and creative drops, cause whirls and big ‘famous’ splashes. And, yes, it’s fun, yet creating a whirl or splash is not the most important thing. That’s what I sense.”
He asked what was then the most important thing. And with that question his eyes turned grey, like the Statues, silently witnessing all that ever had happened here, in the Chamber of Seven Powers.
I looked at his eyes and the stone figures. And I clearly understood there and then, that every single drop in the ocean had its own unique job. Through that job we learned, and also expanded, gaining wisdom and knowledge through our experiences. Every single drop was equally important. None was better or worse. Everyone was unique and could not be dismissed, replaced or forgotten. Every single experience of a single drop, was the source of wisdom for the entire ocean.
“From that perspective,” I said, “I see our lives here as various types of jobs that we, drops, are performing. And we communicate our experiences to the others, through our senses and on a very basic, molecular, vibrational level. We are each enriching and expanding each other.”
The Master nodded. “Everyone has a Destiny,” he said, “which is defined by a greater plan than just expanding one’s Soul, as you can see from your ocean example.”
And then I envisioned a boat, floating on the waves. The boat could only withstand so many days, and storms. It would soon disintegrate and vanish. Because it was finite. There was a hole in the bottom of the boat, and some water had leaked through. The drops could not see the rest of the ocean while at the bottom of the boat. And so they thought they were finite, in a finite world. They did sense their connection with the ocean, but thought themselves separate from it. They didn’t understand that when the boat would drown or disintegrate, they still would remain a part of the ocean.
My teacher was looking at me carefully as I spoke.
“That’s what I’ve learned thus far,” I finished my story.
He nodded.
“But I still don’t understand free choice versus Destiny,” I admitted.
“All right. Let me use your ocean analogy,” he said.
He told me that each drop could either accept what was given, or choose differently, and create another fate for itself. There were various ways to do that. A drop could change its dynamic, its vibration, and be able to jump in a different direction, from being smashed against the rocks to the top of a peaceful wave. Or it could vaporize, transform itself, and as a raindrop fall back into the ocean at a completely different location.
“And become whatever it wishes,” I interrupted, “a drop kissing the shore, a ‘whirl maker’, or a drop exploring faraway lands. Or it can choose to be smashed against the rocks again.”
“Yes, Hermenethre,” said the Master. “But only a conscious drop has a free choice, of how to be, while being a part of the ocean.”
“A conscious drop?” I asked.
“If a drop were truly to succeed in changing its fate,” he continued, “which naturally is also aligned with the fate of the entire ocean, it would have to be a conscious drop. One that makes choices in alignment with its Soul’s purpose, and its awareness of the greater plan, designed for the entire ocean. Only then can such a drop make choices affecting its Destiny.”
I smiled. “Then truly, free choice is nothing else but what would be our Destiny anyway. Once we are conscious of what’s really best for us, we tend to choose what would be chosen,” I said surprised.
“Yes,” Rhami-yata confirmed. “Remember to always value what you experience, and enjoy your ‘ride’, no matter what part of the ocean you are currently exploring.”
“I will,” I promised.
“I’m glad,” he said. “Now, have fun with your dream.”
“What dream?” I wanted to ask, but he was already gone. And I felt myself drifting into a deep dream. I wanted to resist it at first, wake up and write down all that we had said, but the drifting sensation was stronger than my will and I had to give in (…)

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