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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The 3rd Universal Law - 'The Law of Reduction and Expansion'

According to the 3rd Universal Law for Energy – ‘The Law of Reduction and Expansion’ – all Matter, being a part of the Cosmic Energy, continues pulsating. It expands, decreases, then expands again, and so on. How does it work, and what this has to do with our experience?
A lot more, than we would expect J Thus far, the expansion of the Universe, and the fact that we see the galaxies moving away from us, has been mostly puzzling astronomers, who have been making increasingly accurate measurements of two important cosmological patterns: the rate at which the Universe expands, and the average density of Matter in the Universe.
When in 1920s scientists discovered the expansion of the Universe, it was believed that the expansion was slowing. Not until 1998, when two independent scientific studies proved that the expansion accelerates, any of the scientists thought of what would be its results. Since then, more than 5000 papers were written and many of those have dealt with something called Dark Energy. In physical cosmology and astronomy that name describes an unknown form of Energy, believed to permeate all of space and tending to accelerate the expansion of the Universe. It isn’t very dense, and it doesn’t seem to be a subject to gravity, unlike Matter. The Dark Energy makes up 68% of universal density, filling the otherwise empty space.
And here comes the very interesting point: what scientists have perceived as the Dark Energy - many ancient philosophies, or belief systems, have described as Spirit – as opposed to Matter. Some of such ancient philosophies have named the interaction between Mater and Spirit (Dark Energy) as the ‘Breathing Universe’.
Before I’ll explain further how it all affects us in the present time, please read this short excerpt from “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope” – to better describe for you the phenomenon of the ‘Breathing Universe’:
“You have to understand that both Matter and Spirit are energies and their basic element is vibration,” he resumed his lesson. “Vibration is the basic element of everything that is, and what is not.”
Beautiful — I thought. Now he’d gotten me confused.
“What do you mean by ‘is’ and ‘is not’?” I asked.
He stopped and looked at me. “In other words, what has been manifested and what has been not manifested yet,” he said.
“All right,” I nodded. “You mean vibration is like a seed. For what will grow, or already has grown from it.”
(…)“Just as the height of the flame reflects how much oil there is in the cresset, and its color would tell you the type of oil being used — each energy reflects the qualities of a vibration from which it originates,” he explained.
I narrowed my eyes and observed the flame. When looked at that way, the flame was hazy, like ripples in the air.
“Then energy is like a ripple, a pattern,” I said.
He smiled. “Indeed, energy is a pattern reflecting the frequency and density of a vibration. Various types of energies reflect various vibrations.”
“As Matter and Spirit do?”
“Correct,” he confirmed.
Both were eternal in their essence, both were constantly transmuting, perpetuating their existence — he explained. However, while one was contracting, the other was expanding. Then they would switch, and the first one would expand, while the second one would contract. And so on.
He passed me an antique-looking bellows. I turned it around in my hands, admiring its solid, yet tasteful design. The leather was attached to the oak wood handles with elegant brass rivets.
I played with the bellows while the Master continued, saying, “Just as the bellows’ handles spread out, and the bellows is sucking in the air — the Spirit expands, spreads out and absorbs Matter. One can say that Spirit ‘breathes in’ Matter.”
I spread the bellows’ handles and it sucked, “breathed in” the air.
“And then what?” I asked, looking at him.
“Then, just as the bellows collapses, letting the air out, the Spirit contracts while Matter expands, being ‘breathed out’ — so to speak. ”
Interesting — I thought, and squeezed the handles together. The bellows made a quiet hissing sound while letting the air out.
“And this is how Matter and Spirit constantly ‘breathe’ together, or ‘dance’, if you will,” he said. “It is an ongoing cycle.” (…) “When either Matter or Spirit expands, there is more space in them. And while they are contracted, they are, let’s say, ‘more packed’. You may easily observe such phenomena in the physical world.”
“How is that?” I asked.
“Rising and falling of mindsets, such as civilizations. Or so-called birth and death of organisms. Or the expansion and contraction of Universes,” he said. “Well, to observe that you would have to live many billions of years,” he smiled. “You can, however, learn from the quantum physics field that your Universe is presently expanding. There is more ‘space’ in Matter nowadays.”
– End of excerpt.
Now here is something to think about: during the cycle of the expanding Universe there is increasingly more space (more Dark Energy, or Spirit), in relation to Matter. That means that all that is non-material “travels” faster, easier – as if “gliding” quickly through water or air. Every single vibration sent out, moves forward quicker, and manifests quicker. Pay attention to how quickly can now manifest your thoughts, how fast what you wish for, or are afraid of – may indeed take place in your life. And what about changes in the world: notice how quickly things happen comparing to the past – the speeding development of science, human thought, or even the political, economical and social changes. Such changes used to take decades or centuries before, and now we can observe a whole spectrum of them in just one lifetime.
In other words: we have a chance to affect the “reality” we live in a truly profound, beneficial for all way. The Universe – thanks to it accelerating expansion – is on our side J Life is on our side J We live in the most interesting times: it’s up to us how we use that knowledge. I know we will do very well, if only we put our Minds and Hearts to it <3
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Next time I will talk about the ‘The Law of Appearances’ J J
NOTE: If you missed it - see my post from April 14 – a simple/in a nutshell explanation of how, according to science, we create and co-create our “reality” and how it relates to what mystics and philosophers have been saying for thousands of years J J
More detailed information about the Universal Laws you can find in the book “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”.

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