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Friday, May 22, 2015

The 6th Universal Law for Energy – ‘The Law of Self-Direction’

WHAT WE SEND OUT COMES BACK, EACH AND EVERY TIME :)  Each of our actions and Thoughts come back to their Launching Point – that is the 6th Universal Law for Energy – ‘The Law of Self-Direction’. As with the other Universal Laws, it works all the time, affecting us with no exceptions.
Here is how it works:
We already know from Einstein, Tesla, Quantum Physics and The 8 Universal Laws that everything is Energy: from the cells of our bodies, all of nature, to planets, galaxies and everything in the Universe, including our Thoughts. That has been already discovered by physics centuries ago, and only confirms what many philosophers, mystics and belief systems have been saying for thousands of years. (Please read my previous posts about the 8 Universal Laws for more details). To better understand ‘The Law of Self-Direction’ we might have a look at the basis of Celestial Mechanics, the branch of astronomy that deals with the motion of celestial objects – and particularly with Orbital Mechanics (astrodynamics), which deals with the orbits of artificial satellites. The motion of these objects is usually calculated from Newton's laws of motion and his law of universal gravitation. Newton's third law of motion states that if body 1 exerts a force on body 2, then body 2 will exert a force of equal strength, but opposite in direction, on body 1. In other words: "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". And Newton's law of universal gravitation states that two particles separated by distance are attracted to each other with equal and opposite forced directed along the line joining the particles. We also remember from Quantum theory that any things that have ever interacted are forever connected, “entangled.” That means, we all not only affect each other, but also everything that we send out – we ultimately send to ourselves. In order to better understand how it works, let's have a look at the 6th Universal Law. 'The Law of Self-Direction'. Here is a short excerpt from the book "Master and the Green-Eyed Hope": 
“Imagine a returning boomerang,” he said.
I looked away and tried to see it fly among the Courtyard trees.
“It seems to make a loop while it is rotating. It comes back where it came from,” I said. “I’m not quite sure why it does that though.”
“It’s because the combination of spin and forward motion causes uneven lift on its wings,” explained the Master. “At any given time, one of the wings rotates forward in the direction of the flight, and the other rotates backwards, against the direction of the flight. The uneven lift, is trying to tip the boomerang over. Yet, just as when you lean over a moving bicycle and it makes a turn, a spinning of the boomerang twists the tipping force at right angles, and so the flight is curved.”
I was amazed with the genius design. Especially that the inventors of the boomerang had been the Aboriginal people from Australia.
How could they ever come up with such sophisticated idea without knowing any physics? — I thought.
“Doesn’t one need to be educated to understand physics?” I asked.
“There are not only humans, but also animals who know these things well only by observing nature,” said the Master.
I agreed. I recalled that birds sometimes build very sophisticated houses. Ants created whole towns, and beavers knew how to regulate rivers.
“Apparently humans are not the only smart ones,” I concluded.
The Master nodded. “The next constituent law is based on a principle similar to the boomerang effect,” he said. “Whatever is being sent out, returns to its Launching Point.”
“Except that it gets altered during its ‘flight’, because of the Law of Chain Reaction, right?” I said, happy that I already knew that much.
“Very good,” he smiled. “You see, it’s not difficult to learn the laws. Even if you are not a physicist.”
“I hope so,” I sighed. “Please go on.”
“What you send out, comes back,” continued the Master. “That’s the law. Even when nothing comes back, it’s only due to the principles of the Law of Chain Reaction. It’s because the low frequencies of your Intentions turned into Nothingness on their way back to you.”
“And what is the name of the ‘boomerang law’?”
“The Law of Self-Direction,” he said.
“How true! Anything we send out, we send it to ourselves,” I said with a big smile.
Whatever we intend for others — I thought — has an effect on us. We are the final recipients of our own ideas and creations.
I imagined a sea filled with numerous waves and whirls. On a sunny day, the water would evaporate and become clouds. Then the clouds would turn into rain clouds, and the rain would fall onto the Earth. Somewhere, in the depths of the underground, springs would come to life and then burst out to the surface. They would become streams, and rivers. And then they would go back to the sea.
The Law of Self Direction works exactly like that — I thought.” End of excerpt.
Our life can be beautiful, happy and fulfilling. We might create it exactly the way we want it J It’s enough to remember that the 8 Universal Laws affect us at all times, whether we are aware of it or not.  We are all connected one way or another. We live in the same world, and breathe the same air. We learn from each other, and teach each other. We can be kind. We can be strong.  We can care for one another. We can be humans in the most beautiful way <3
The Law of Cause and Effect / Cause and Solution
The Law of Originating, Growing and Passing
The Law of Reduction and Expansion
The Law of Appearances
The Law of Chain Reaction
The Law of Self-Direction
The Law of Matrix and Volume
                             The Law of Infinity
Next time I will talk about the ‘The Law of Matrix and Volume’ J J
NOTE: If you missed it - see my post from April 14 – a simple/in a nutshell explanation of how, according to science, we create and co-create our “reality” and how it relates to what mystics and philosophers have been saying for thousands of years J J
More detailed information about the Universal Laws you can find in the book “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”.

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