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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 7th Universal Law: 'The Law of Matrix and Volume'

WHAT WE THINK AND DO IS THE BLUEPRINT FOR WHAT WE RECEIVE AND WHO WE BECOME J Our thoughts behave exactly the same as our actions - in the huge Energy field that everything belongs to: from human cells to planets, stars and galaxies. Everything we know and can think of behaves according to the 8 Universal Laws for Energy. From Einstein, Tesla, Quantum Physics and ancient mystics, philosophers and belief systems – we know that everything is Energy. Science continues to research our origins and physics discover more and more about how the whole “system” works J How is it done? The only way we can learn about most things is through observing what kind of patterns have been made that we can read, analyze and interpret. For instance: nobody ever has seen an atom or an electron, yet we know they exist and can draw pictures of them.  In his famous experiment performed in the early twentieth century, Ernest Rutherford fired alpha particles (other tiny things we can’t see) at gold foil. He then looked at the pattern they made after hitting the foil and noticed that the pattern indicated that the atoms of gold had a positively charged, closely packed nucleus.
Patterns, imprints – tell us not only how things (or particles) behave, but also what are their qualities. In other words: they tell us the history that can be read. Just as the astronomers look out into the deep space, and therefore into deep time – and get their information from the CMB (cosmic microwave background) radiation saturating space, which began at about 378,000 years after the Big Bang.
Now let’s go back to our thoughts and actions: how they leave imprints in the Energy field and what happens because of that. The 7th Universal Law for Energy ‘The Law of Matrix and Volume’ – tells us why all we do and think has such enormous effect on us, on our ‘reality’ and what we experience every day of our lives.
Here is a short excerpt from “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”:
We went to the Library and sat at a large wooden table, meant to accommodate at least a dozen people. I loved the touch of the rustic wood. The many scratches and imperfections of its surface seemed to speak of all the previous visitors who had used the very same table. It had its own history, and just like the Library, kept records of the past.
There was nothing said for a moment, and I had the time to absorb the natural silence of this chamber.
“When you look around, what do you see?”
“History of the past. And history of the mind,” I said.
“Yes. That is mostly what we can find here,” nodded the Master. “Now, imagine the Cosmic Energy of the Universe, having a similar property as the Library here. It is capable of storing every single record of any thought or deed.”
“Well then that would be pretty awful, if that were the case,” I shook my head.
“It is the case,” he said.
“How merciless.” I was disgusted.
“How wise and kind,” he replied.
He got me thinking. And he got me curious. I also noticed that now his eyes were pale blue. I was wondering whether their color fluctuated depending on his moods, or his thoughts.
No, I disagreed with that thought in my mind. I’ve never seen him having any moods. He seems to always be peaceful and kind. It must be something else.
I looked at my now pale blue-eyed teacher and he continued with his lesson.
“Now, imagine that the records stored by the Cosmic Energy are not only for the purpose of remembering past actions or thoughts,” he said. “They also become the matrix, footprints, or molds, if you wish, for producing the results of past actions or thoughts.”
“So that’s where it all comes from!” I exclaimed. “There is a storage for the molds of all we’ve done or thought.”
“Yes,” he confirmed. “The results are sent to those who caused them. Like an echo, they follow their source. And, just like an echo, they might be larger in volume than the original. The echo may sometimes overwhelm you, or even knock you over.”
I recalled my trip to a cathedral in Krakow (Poland) many years before. There had been several of us, young fine arts school students. We loved the numerous beautiful figures of the altar, carved centuries before by a famous master sculptor named Wit Stwosz. We went to the bell tower, and it happened by accident that we stayed too long. When the bells started their concert, the echo knocked me down to my knees. I thought that my ears were starting to bleed.
“We call the law the Law of Matrix and Volume,” continued the Master. “It is linked to the Law of Cause and Effect, or the Law of Karma, as some prefer, and it’s responsible for all events being imprinted in the Cosmic Energy, and then their ‘echoes’ returning to their sources as results.”
I thought about it for a while. It seemed like nothing could go unnoticed. No matter what we had done or thought.
“Then those two linked laws,” I said, “decide whether we will be rewarded or punished for all we’ve done.”
The Master shook his head. “There is no punishment or reward for anything. These are the concepts of the Mind. Things happen the way they do, because everything in the material world is subject to the laws. That’s all.”
(…) I sighed. “So then nothing will change for the material world, ever?”
“That depends,” he said in his usual matter of fact voice.
“On what?” My hopes were running high again.
“On whether all of the particles of Matter will learn how to use the laws, and free themselves from them. Until then, according to the last of the constituent laws, the Law of Infinity, nothing will change for the material world.” END of excerpt.
The 8 Universal Laws for Energy are always just, and always at work – whether we are aware of it or not. We can benefit from them and better our lives, including the lives of those we care about (remember: we are all connected, according to quantum field theory and what ancient Masters have been saying for thousands of years). The most important thing is to be aware of our Intentions J Be conscious of what you send out. Know your Intentions well, and know that what you give, you also receive J It is simple as that <3
The Law of Cause and Effect / Cause and Solution
The Law of Originating, Growing and Passing
The Law of Reduction and Expansion
The Law of Appearances
The Law of Chain Reaction
The Law of Self-Direction
The Law of Matrix and Volume
                             The Law of Infinity
Next time I will talk about the ‘The Law of Infinity’ J J
NOTE: If you missed it - see my post from April 14 – a simple/in a nutshell explanation of how, according to science, we create and co-create our “reality” and how it relates to what mystics and philosophers have been saying for thousands of years J J
More detailed information about the Universal Laws you can find in the book “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”.

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